Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Zevenet 5.0 Community Edition Installation Guide The Zevenet Load Balancer software package could be installed or acquired through different ways:...
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Welcome to Zevenet CE 5.0! Access to the Zevenet web GUI If you've successfully installed or deployed Zevenet CE 5.0...
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This section shows the current whole status of a Zevenet load balancer appliance: CPU usage, memory, load, system information, farms...
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Dashboard | News

This section includes the latest news and main links about Zevenet. Share on:
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LSLB | Farms

Under this section you’ll be able to manage the LSLB (Local Service Load Balancing, mainly TCP/UDP/SCTP/HTTP/HTTPS based apps) farms module....
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LSLB | Farms | Create Farm

Under this section you will be able to create LSLB farms, these farms can be configured in two different profiles:...
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LSLB | Farms | Update

Update HTTP and L4xNAT profiles This section will allow to configure different options of LSLB farms, each farm profile includes...
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LSLB | SSL Certificates

This section lists the secure certificates installed in the load balancer in order to be used in LSLB farms with...
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DSLB | Farms

The Datalink Service Load Balancing or DSLB, also known as Uplinks Load Balancing, allows to create high available and WAN...
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DSLB | Farms | Create

Under this section you will be able to create DSLB farms. Create Farm DSLB After selecting Create Farm from the...
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DSLB | Farms | Update

Global Settings for DSLB Farms The only global settings to configure a DSLB farm are described below. Name. It’s the...
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Monitoring | Graphs

This section joins all the System, Network Interfaces and Farms Services monitoring graphs. Useful in order to have a detailed...
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Monitoring | Farms Stats

This section details all farms and load balancing services statistics configured. It shows a table with the number of current...
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Network | NIC

This section describes how to configure and operate with physical network NICs. NIC Interfaces Table This table lists all the...
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Network | NIC | Update

This section is used to change a physical network NIC configuration.   Global Settings The global settings to change a...
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Network | VLAN

VLAN interfaces (also known as VLAN tagging) permits to isolate logical networks architectures at OSI layer 2 over the same...
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Network | VLAN | Create

This section explains how to create an VLAN interface and the different options available. Create VLAN Find below the detailed...
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Network | Virtual Interface

Virtual Interfaces permits to assign more than one IP address to the same NIC or VLAN interface configured in the...
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Network | Gateway

This section allows to configure the Default Gateway of the global route table within the load balancer. Despite every NIC...
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Network | Gateway | Configure

This section describes how to update and modify the Default Gateway. Global Settings In this section you can configure the...
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System | Remote Services

The Remote Services section manages some external services that requires the load balancer system like DNS to in order to...
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System | Backups

This section allows to manage backups of the load balancer for quick disaster recovery, transplant or migrate the configuration from...
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System | Backups | Create

This section allows to create backup files with the whole configuration of the load balancer. Create Backup After selecting Create...
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System | Backups | Upload

This section allows to upload and store a local backup file into the load balancer. Upload Backup The page allows...
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System | Users

This section shows the users that are managed by the load balancer. Currently, the root system user in charge of...
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System | Users | Configure

This section allows to change the different settings for every user defined in the load balancer. Two main roles are...
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System | Logs

This sections allows to access to the system and load balancer logs for analysis of problems and to gather further...
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System | License

This section shows the software license of Zevenet which is based on the GNU Affero General Public License version 3....
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System | Support Save

The Support Save section allows to generate a tarball gzip compressed file with all the required information of the local...
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