Real-Time Assistance and Complete
Cybersecurity for Your Network

The 24×7 Support Plan is recommended for those who require updates, upgrades, complete cybersecurity
services and assistance from the ZEVENET heroes in real time with a yearly per node renewable plan.

24×7 Support 1 Year (per node)


What’s included?

Updates & Upgrades

Updates and upgrades through a remote repository. Security Analyzer included.

Unlimited cases

Unlimited cases available per node for this support plan.

Assistance by ZEVENET Team

ZEVENET engineers will be available to analyze your cases.

Email or remote assistance

Remote desktop or email access available to analyze your issues.

Private chat

Instant messaging or real-time assistance with an engineer available.

Cybersecurity services

Security services will be available to protect your applications.

What I’m going to get?

This support plan includes software updates and product upgrades, hotfixes, quick protection for security flaws and direct assistance from our engineers. Cybersecurity services and Security Analyzer are available to detect security threats, fix weak configurations and protect completely your applications against attacks. Real-time assistance available. Unlimited cases available. Cluster service requires to be configured with the same support plan for all nodes.

What’s supported?

All ZEVENET products are supported in any platform available (Virtual, Bare Metal, Hardware, Cloud and Microservices) for any current and upcoming Enterprise Edition releases.

Finding The Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

Discover a new alternative for you and your team. Speak to one of our experts and find out how you help you reduce risks to ensure your business’s growth while facilitating a flexible IT architecture for your company.