Discover the multi-platform ADC of the future

Load Balancing and high availability of services, applications, uplinks and data centers. Support a complete variety of protocols, advanced HTTP/S proxy options, stateful clustering, complete suite and customizable advanced health checks, RBAC audit and authorization, monitoring, advanced network management, and advanced architectures, IPv6, full automation through API, UX web GUI, and more

Intrusion Prevention and Detection System with support of local and remote blacklists, DoS protection through different methods, realtime blackhole lists or DNSBL, web application firewall for HTTP/S, predefined protection lists per geography, special networks, bad peers, anti botnets, spammers, web scrapers, spyware, brute force hosts, web exploits, and more. Know more

Provided with cutting-edge technology and techniques that provide 10x more performance than others, able to work up to 40 Gbps, more than 10 million concurrent users in layer 4, more than 140 thousand of users in layer 7 HTTP and more than 120 thousands of users in layer 7 HTTPS.

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