Differences between Community and Enterprise Edition

Compare Edition Features

What do you want to do?


For early adopters, testing and development environments

“Build yourself” platform
Technical Support available


For Production and Massive Scalable Environments

Optimized 64 bits OS for virtual, hardware and bare metal platforms
Technical Support available
Full responsive Angular 2 web GUI
System users integrated in the web GUI
L4 & L7 lb cores optimized
Advanced Load Balancing schedulers included
Further protocols support (FTP, TFTP, syslog, etc.)
REST+JSON APIv3 for full automation
App Security improvements (wildcards & SNI support, A+ assurance, cookie insertion, …)
Monitoring & email alerts
Bonding interfaces support
MS Exchange full support
Floating IP and stateful failover support
Intrusion Prevention and Detection Security Module

Compare Edition Interfaces

Improve productivity and maintainability

Community web interface

Enterprise web interface