ADC Support Plans

Different support programs designed for every need

ADC support plans subscription plan

This plan is only if you’re already a hero and only require software updates and product upgrades.

Software Updates & Product Upgrades

No cases available

No assistance by ZEVENET Team

No email or remote assistance

No private chat

No Cybersecurity services

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ADC support plans standard option

Recommended for those who require updates, upgrades and assistance from heroes only in office hours.

Software Updates & Product Upgrades

Unlimited cases

8×5 assistance

8 working hours
max response time

Technical assistance through email

No phone and chat available

No Cybersecurity services

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ADC support plans standard option

Recommended for those who require updates, upgrades, cybersecurity services and assistance from heroes in real time.

Software Updates & Product Upgrades

Unlimited cases

24×7 assistance
by the ZEVENET Team

4 hours
max response time

Email and remote assistance available

Phone and chat available

Cybersecurity services available

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Cluster service requires to be configured with the same support plan for all nodes

ADC Support Plans Specifications

Service Scope

Software Updates

Latest ZEVENET software releases available.

Product Upgrades

Downloads of full system upgrades available.

Platforms Supported

Virtual, hardware, bare metal, cloud or microservices platforms supported.

Dedicated Engineer

Direct contact with ZEVENET Engineers.

Assistance Cases

Reporting of issues to be analyzed by our Team.

Cybersecurity Services

Remote services available to be up to date with security lists, signatures and real-time threat detection for the IPDS module.


Instant Hotfixes

Hotfixes are provided without waiting for the next release.

Security Analyzer

Security tools to detect and fix weak configurations or security threats in your appliances.

Packages Repository

Quick and easy appliance update.


Ensuring your appliances are free of bugs instantly to avoid zero-day attacks.


Latest developments

Ensure you have the latest developments and new features.

Development proposals

Your proposals will be heard to be included in the development roadmap.


Support Portal

Web tool to have access to contact with our Support Team, cases reporting, software and document downloads, and more.

Security Advisories

Security threats and mitigation notifications.


Be up to date with our latest news every quarter.


Online and updated high quality knowledge base and technical articles.

Our Metrics

Less than 3 hours

Average Response Time with 8×5 Plan


Less than 12 hours

Average Resolution Time with 8×5 Plan


Less than 24 hours

Average Security Patches Response


More than 7 releases

and hotfixes per year

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