Upcoming Events

CyberCamp 2018

29th of November to 2nd of December, 2018 @Malaga

Zevenet participates in the Hackathon challenge and with a workshop, in the most important annual cybersecurity event in Spain.

Past Events

Zevenet I Open Day | Sevilla, 20th of September 2018

Come or follow online the first edition of the Zevenet Open Day with great technology talks, hacking time and gaming.

Zevenet Mission in London 2018 | London, 11th-13th September 2018

Great opportunity to meet part of the Zevenet Team in London.

Netdev Conf 0x12 | Montreal, 11th-13th July 2018

ZEVENET becomes Bronze Sponsor at the technical Conference on Linux Networking.

Netfilter Workshop 2018 | Berlin, 15th-18th June 2018

ZEVENET is attending this private event for Linux Kernel Netfilter developers and it proud Gold Sponsor.

asLAN2018 Congress | Madrid, 11th-12th April 2018

Zevenet exhibits the solutions in the expo.

Scale 16x Linux Expo | California, 8th-11th March 2018

Zevenet is proudly Registration Sponsor of the largest Southern California Linux Expo.

Board of Directors of asLAN | Madrid, February 2018

ZEVENET has been invited to this annual Board of Directors with technology corporates.

12th Open Source University Challenge | Seville, May 2018

ZEVENET is Gold Sponsor of this Open Source Challenge for students.

Events of 2017

Zevenet EIT Digital Cybersecurity Event Madrid

EIT Digital Cybersecurity Event | Madrid, November 2017

ZEVENET has been invited to participate in this Pan-European matchmaking event to present our solutions to Spanish corporates.

HighLoad++ 17 | Moscow, November 2017

Zevenet is sponsor of this professional conference for developers of high-load systems for large, heavily-frequented, and complex projects.

Debconf’17 | Montreal, August 2017

ZEVENET is Bronze Sponsor of the 18th annual Debian users, developers and contributors conference.

13th Netfilter Workshop | Faro, July 2017

ZEVENET is Bronze Sponsor of the 13th event organized for and by the Netfilter community for users and developers.

Zevenet events

NetDev 2.1 | Montreal, April 2017

ZEVENET is Bronze sponsor of the 3rd edition of the Technical Conference on Linux Networking.

11th Concurso Universitario Software Libre | Seville, May 2017

ZEVENET is Principal sponsor of the computing students competition with OSS based solutions.

Librecon | Bilbao, November 2016

ZEVENET is attending the spanish Open Source conference for IT solutions

Zevenet attends and sponsor NetDev 1.2 Japan

NetDev 1.2 | Japan, October 2016

The Technical Conference on Linux Networking