Upcoming Events

Zevenet at asLAN 2018 Congress and Expo

11th and 12th of April, 2018

The next 11th and 12th of April, part of the Zevenet Team will attend the asLAN 2018 congress as well as exhibit their solutions in Madrid.

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Past Events

Scale 16x Linux Expo | California, 8th-11th March 2018

Zevenet is proudly Registration Sponsor of the largest Southern California Linux Expo.

Board of Directors of asLAN | Madrid, February 2018

ZEVENET has been invited to this annual Board of Directors with technology corporates.

12th Open Source University Challenge | Seville, May 2018

ZEVENET is Gold Sponsor of this Open Source Challenge for students.

Events of 2017

Zevenet EIT Digital Cybersecurity Event Madrid

EIT Digital Cybersecurity Event | Madrid, November 2017

ZEVENET has been invited to participate in this Pan-European matchmaking event to present our solutions to Spanish corporates.

HighLoad++ 17 | Moscow, November 2017

Zevenet is sponsor of this professional conference for developers of high-load systems for large, heavily-frequented, and complex projects.

Debconf’17 | Montreal, August 2017

ZEVENET is Bronze Sponsor of the 18th annual Debian users, developers and contributors conference.

13th Netfilter Workshop | Faro, July 2017

ZEVENET is Bronze Sponsor of the 13th event organized for and by the Netfilter community for users and developers.

Zevenet events

NetDev 2.1 | Montreal, April 2017

ZEVENET is Bronze sponsor of the 3rd edition of the Technical Conference on Linux Networking.

11th Concurso Universitario Software Libre | Seville, May 2017

ZEVENET is Principal sponsor of the computing students competition with OSS based solutions.

Librecon | Bilbao, November 2016

ZEVENET is attending the spanish Open Source conference for IT solutions

Zevenet attends and sponsor NetDev 1.2 Japan

NetDev 1.2 | Japan, October 2016

The Technical Conference on Linux Networking