Zevenet at HighLoad++ 2017

HighLoad++ 2017

High-load environment developers conference


Skolkovo business school campus, Moscow

7th and 8th of November, 2017




Zevenet supporting HighLoad++ 2017

At Zevenet, we love high-end systems and new technology challenges so HighLoad++ for us is a great environment to know developers and engineers around the world which passion is highly loaded systems like we are.

For that reason, we can’t miss an event like HighLoad++ as we were planning our attendance and contribution since last year. So, this year, we’re very proud to be part and support HighLoad++ 2017!

Check out the ZEVENET sponsor page and the official HighLoad++ website to know more details about attendance and talks.

HighLoad++ 2017 talk resources

The event in pictures