Our Values

Our values drive our mission to deliver exceptional load balancing solutions and support to our customers



We believe in network and architecture optimization to guarantee the continuity of the services by ensuring high availability, massively scalable, high performance, and security with the most cutting-edge technology for the activity of our users.



We are working towards excellence, developing cutting edge technology in the Application Delivery Controller, network and services optimization market in order to make easy the hyper-connectivity and the massive scale of services.



Teamwork “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” Passion “Working hard for what we love” Excellence “Never stopping or contenting yourself until turning what’s good into better and what’s better into excellent” Transparency “Proud to be open” Innovation “It’s what differentiate the leaders from the rest”.

How do we work?

Discover the ZEVENET approach to developing and delivering advanced load balancing technology


Our willingness to continuously improve permits us to gather all feedback from our users to apply improvements or new features to the solution. Our processes, from sales to software development, are highly automated in order to provide the highest response times and become as agile as possible.

Our aim to reach an optimal solution to produce higher performance and robust software is made through the design of software development processes driven by quality. With a testbed and automatic processes with more than 2 thousand of different test cases, we can ensure the quality of the deliverables not only for new features but also for compliance with older and long-term support versions.



The innovation-driven spirit of the ZEVENET Team allows being challengers, building and creating new technologies that permit the evolution of the security, performance, availability, and scalability of networks and applications. For that reason, we have our own open implementations of load balancing core, proxy, and health checkers among others. We create, not just integrate.

Finding The Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

Discover a new alternative for you and your team. Speak to one of our experts and find out how you help you reduce risks to ensure your business’s growth while facilitating a flexible IT architecture for your company.