Zevenet at Netfilter Workshop

13th Netfilter Workshop Event

Community event for Netfilter contributors


Universidade Do Algarve

3rd to 7th of July, 2017

From 10:00 to ~17:00

3rd of July, 2017 USER DAY

Open assistance. Free entrance
From 10:00 to ~17:00

Zevenet Netdev 2.1 Montreal, Canada

NetDev 2.1 Montreal Canada

NetDev 2.1 Montreal Canada

Zevenet supports Netfilter community

Zevenet, as an open source load balancer solution and Netfilter collaborator is tightly engage with Netfilter developments.

Picturing Netfilter relevance within Linux community if you are not familiar with them is difficult. That said, what if I tell you Netfilter development are on your Android smartphone or on your desktop? Not only Open Source but every Linux based system integrates Netfilter’s firewall and networking developments. So imagine now how important is supporting its technology investment and boost their promotion.

Zevenet, since is an open source solution, ask to collaborate with Netfilter’s core team for developing nftables and its load balancing properties which are integrated on our high availability solution. Since our contribution, we have been really committed to Netfilter’s activity, to the point that we ended up sponsoring its 13th Workshop event in Faro, Portugal.

In addition, our CEO, Laura García, will give a workshop at the event (dates not fixed yet). From Zevenet team we welcome you to join us on the open User day free of charge.

Zevenet is a Netfilter contributor

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