NetDev 2.1 Montreal

NetDev 2.1 

The Technical Conference on Linux Networking


Le Westin Montréal, Montreal, Canadá.

April 6th, 7th and 8th, 2017

Zevenet Netdev 2.1 Montreal, Canada

NetDev 2.1 zevenet montreal canada

NetDev 2.1 Montreal Canada

We wouldn’t miss NetDev 2.1

We attend NetDev as  users of the Linux Kernel subsystem as well as Netfilter nftables contributors.

Since the very beginning Zevenet, previously Zen Load Balancer, has participated and contributed to the event as bronze sponsor. In this occasion, Laura Garcia, our CEO, will share a mini-workshop with the community about hashing. Very soon we will share our experience in Montreal with you.

NetdevConf 1.1

Load balancing with nftables

NetdevConf 1.2

Load balancing with nftables II

Zevenet is a Netfilter contributor

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