47% of Cyber Attacks Target Small Businesses, Emphasizing the Need for Strong Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Modern Digital Landscape

In the current cybersecurity landscape, organizations face various challenges that threaten the security and privacy of their digital assets. Advanced persistent threats are on the rise, and they can cause significant damage if they successfully infiltrate a system. Malware and ransomware attacks are also major concerns as they can access sensitive information and demand a ransom for its release. Cloud security has become more challenging as many companies migrate their data to the cloud. Internet of Things (IoT) security is also a growing concern, given the vulnerability of IoT devices to hacking.

Advanced Threat Protection for Reliable Cloud Access and IoT Security

ZEVENET’s Application Delivery Controllers provide advanced threat protection and scalability, ensuring reliable access to cloud applications. With granular access controls and SSL/TLS offloading features, ZEVENET’s ADCs reduce the attack surface of IoT devices, thus addressing IoT security concerns. Additionally, ZEVENET’s ADCs provide visibility and control over user access, enabling the detection and prevention of insider threats.

By leveraging these capabilities, organizations can better protect their critical assets from malicious attacks and mitigate the risks associated with current cybersecurity challenges.

Prevention and
Detection System

Support of local
and remote IP and
network lists

More than 200
preloaded automated
protection lists

Configurable DoS
and DDoS
protection rules

Domain Name
Blackhole List

Web Application
Firewall with more
than 400 rules

The Next Generation Of Application
Delivery Is Here

Discover The New Features of ZEVENET Enterprise Edition 6

Full VPN support connectivity

For your users via site-to-site support, tunneling L2TP+IPsec or remote-server warrior mode.


Web Application, DoS (Denial-of-Service) protection and preloaded protection lists.

Ready Deployment

Ready for the most popular Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean…).

A Better & Secure
User Experience

New web GUI with Angular 12, 100% responsive and multi-language support.

More than 600

new deployments per week

More than 500

customers worldwide

More than 20x

performance than cloud vendors

Less than 24 h

response to fix a security flaw

Cybersecurity made easy with Zevenet

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