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POSTED ON 2 January, 2018

Update HTTP and L4xNAT profiles

This section will allow to configure different options of LSLB farms, each farm profile includes different parameters because each one is able to manage traffic in different layers in the OSI model, so the available configuration parameters are described as follows:

Global Settings for L4xNAT Farm Profile

The L4xNAT farm profile allows to create a LSLB farm at layer 4 with a very high performance and much more concurrent connections than load balancer cores in layer 7 like HTTP farm profile. That layer 4 performance improvement counteracts the advanced content handling that the layer 7 farm profile could manage.

Additionally, L4xNAT farm profile could bind a range of ports, not only one virtual port as is used with other layer 7 farm profile.

Go to the L4xNAT settings configuration.

Global Settings for HTTP Farm Profile

This profile manages content switching at HTTP layer 7 application delivery for both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Go to the HTTP settings configuration.

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