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POSTED ON 2 January, 2018

This section lists the secure certificates installed in the load balancer in order to be used in LSLB farms with HTTP profile and HTTPS listener and behave as a SSL Offload virtual service, including certificates for SSL and CSR.


The certificate list includes the following details:

  • Common Name. Single host name or wildcard name for a wildcard certificate.
  • Type. Certificate file type. It can be “Certificate” or “CSR”.
  • File. Certificate name ended with .pem or .csr extension, a descriptive text to identify the certificate in the future.
  • Issuer. Certificate authority that has signed the certificate. This does not apply to CSR files.
  • Created on. From this date on the certificate is active. For a CSR file, is the date when the request was made.
  • Expire on. Is the date when the certificate will be expired. It does not apply to CSR files.

And these are the Actions related to certificates that can be applied in batches to all the selected ones:

  • Upload certificate. Show a form to upload a certificate file in PEM format.
  • Create CSR. Show a form with the details required to generate a CSR file.
  • Download. Download the selected certificate.
  • Delete. Remove the selected certificate.

Further info:
Create Certificates in PEM format
Robust Diffie-Hellman keys generation is important

Next step, Generate a CSR certificate.

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