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POSTED ON 3 January, 2018

This section allows to manage backups of the load balancer for quick disaster recovery, transplant or migrate the configuration from one node to another.

Backups List

The table lists all the backups generated and stored in the load balancer in a date descendant order (the newer, the first).

NAME. Backup file name.
DATE. Date when the backup was generated or uploaded.
ACTIONS. The available actions for the backups files are:

  • Create Backup. A new configuration backup file needs to be generated.
  • Upload backup. A new backup file needs to be uploaded and stored in the load balancer.
  • Download. Download the selected backups in a tarball file format.
  • Delete. Remove the selected backups from the load balancer.
  • Apply backup. Apply a configuration backup to the load balancer. This action deploys a certain configuration backup file in the current load balancer node and restart the Zevenet service in order to apply the changes. Use with caution and only if you know what you’re doing.


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