Posted by Zevenet | 01 December 2016

At Zevenet we acknowledge the relevance of educating our future engineers in the Open Source way of thinking, way of developing. Therefore we found really interesting supporting the “Concurso Universitario...

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Posted by Zevenet | 16 November 2016

At LibreCon 2016 will be discussed how Open Source can take part on the digitalisation process of the Industry and Financial sector, facing the challenges of online connectivity, security, availability...

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Posted by Zevenet | 02 November 2016

We’re proud to announce that the ZEVENET Community Edition repository is now available in GitHub. Here you’ll find a wiki section for our load balancing documentation, issues or enhancements reporting...

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Posted by Zevenet | 20 October 2016

Next year, our new brand Zevenet will be launched and we’re working on some great features to become a reference of application delivery controllers in the market. The Zevenet roadmap...

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Posted by Zevenet | 21 September 2016

We’re proud to launch the latest Zen Load Balancer Enterprise Edition 4.2 release, which includes great new features that were requested from our users, improvements that helps our users to...

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Posted by Zevenet | 20 September 2016

At Zen Load Balancer we are up to date with the latest security alerts and for ensuring the right functionality of our services and the security of our users, we...

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Posted by Zevenet | 15 September 2016

New Netdev edition, new networking challenges. Among all the 29 keynotes, talks, workshops, tutorials and BoFs of this edition, the next Netdev 1.2 becomes a great opportunity to challenge the...

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Posted by Zevenet | 14 September 2016

At ZenLB, we are working for releasing the next ZenLB Enterprise Edition 4.2, which at the moment is on testing process and it is scheduled to be released the next...

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Posted by Zevenet | 13 September 2016

In our challenge to ease availability, we’ve been building a new Disaster Recovery tool that permits to setup a ZNA64 3300 Hardware Appliance in less than 3 minutes using just...

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Posted by Zevenet | 07 September 2016

Last Netdev 1.1 Conference in Seville (Spain) was presented a design of a new sophisticated load balancing infrastructure which will permit not only more performance with less resources but also...

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