Posted by Zevenet | 01 September 2022

Load balancing is common in the computing world. It came about due to users wanting content quickly. This meant that high‑traffic websites that get millions of user requests had to...

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Posted by Zevenet | 30 August 2022

Healthcare is highly vulnerable to security threats, just like any other industry. Nowadays, cyberattacks in healthcare are very common leading to a lot of risks, specifically security risks to be...

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Posted by Zevenet | 02 August 2022

7 Reasons ZEVENET is the best Load Balancing software in 2022 Load balancing solution is no longer what it used to be in the past. As technology improves, threats also...

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Posted by Zevenet | 20 July 2022

A network operations center (NOC) is a central location where IT teams in an organization monitor the performance of a network. The NOC provides servers, databases, hard disk space, and...

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Posted by Zevenet | 11 July 2022

Introduction The process of achieving and maintaining PCI DSS Compliance is not easy for any organization. Be it a large-scale organization, mid-sized firm, or a small company, PCI DSS can...

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Posted by Zevenet | 04 July 2022

Cyber Security has evolved very quickly over the years, from an IT issue to an issue to be used in businesses. It has been demonstrated that Cyber attacks can be...

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Posted by Zevenet | 13 April 2022

Hardware security is imperative during cloud migration. It is very important to remind the clients whenever they talk about moving to the cloud. Being in the cloud is not considered...

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Posted by Zevenet | 06 April 2022

Is there a difference between the concept of load balancing and content switching in web applications? Load balancers distribute requests across multiple servers to handle more traffic than one server...

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Posted by Zevenet | 16 March 2022

Identity verification acquires the use of personal confidential data, hence, consumers need to make sure that their information is handled safely. Let’s dive deeper into this blog. Technological advancements are...

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Posted by Zevenet | 01 March 2022

Data breaches are very common now as the volume of data being created on a daily basis is really huge. The high-profile e-comm retailers are the most affected by these...

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