Posted by Zevenet | 19 December 2017

Usually, during an infrastructure design it’s required to study the requirements of the services and estimate the resources needed to avoid oversizing or undersizing the platform, but even we need...

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Posted by Zevenet | 14 December 2017

The raise of ubiquitous applications, Internet of Things and broadcasting through the Internet face the need of reliability for critical applications and services in the cloud. For that reason, the...

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Posted by Zevenet | 11 December 2017

At Zevenet, we take very seriously the network security in every level at system and networking. The Denial of Service protection included in the IPDS (Intrusion Prevention and Detection System)...

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Posted by Zevenet | 30 November 2017

IT Security is a process, not a function, so we understand how important is to deliver high performance security with the easiest management. Following that thinking, we’ve designed for all...

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Posted by Zevenet | 24 November 2017

Networking security is a mandatory requirement during data exchange and processes interconnection, but it is well known as well that increased security implies the needs of much more resources to...

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Posted by Zevenet | 18 April 2017

Netdev Conf is a community-driven conference dedicated to technical Linux networking where the most important and relevant contributors, maintainers and open source supported companies meet together to present the brand...

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Posted by Zevenet | 17 October 2016

These two pages were the beginning of Load Balancing with nftables project, developed between Pablo Neira (Netfilter Core Team) and Laura García (Zen Load Balancer Team) and presented at the last Netdev 1.2...

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Posted by Zevenet | 10 October 2016

In this post we’re going to highlight the most important topics and discussions addressed in Netdev 1.2 in Tokyo the last 5th-7th of October to create the networking evolution in...

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Posted by Zevenet | 20 September 2016

At Zen Load Balancer we are up to date with the latest security alerts and for ensuring the right functionality of our services and the security of our users, we...

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Posted by Zevenet | 13 September 2016

In our challenge to ease availability, we’ve been building a new Disaster Recovery tool that permits to setup a ZNA64 3300 Hardware Appliance in less than 3 minutes using just...

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