Posted by Zevenet | 14 September 2016

At ZenLB, we are working for releasing the next ZenLB Enterprise Edition 4.2, which at the moment is on testing process and it is scheduled to be released the next...

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Posted by Zevenet | 13 September 2016

In our challenge to ease availability, we’ve been building a new Disaster Recovery tool that permits to setup a ZNA64 3300 Hardware Appliance in less than 3 minutes using just...

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Posted by Zevenet | 07 September 2016

Last Netdev 1.1 Conference in Seville (Spain) was presented a design of a new sophisticated load balancing infrastructure which will permit not only more performance with less resources but also...

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Posted by Zevenet | 30 August 2016

The technology evolution is continuously challenging the infrastructure needs to become more flexible and easier to maintain. In regards to fit these requirements was designed ZVNcloud, the Load Balancing as...

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Posted by Zevenet | 26 August 2016

We’re proud to become a sponsor again for Netdev 1.2 in Tokyo on October 5-7. Netdevconf is the most important Linux Networking Developers conference worldwide. See you there! CHECK OUR...

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Posted by Zevenet | 08 August 2016

Imagine than all the population of London City and its metropolitan area click in the same time in your website. Will your applications support it? The benchmarks of the new...

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Posted by Zevenet | 04 August 2016

We’re proud to welcome Netcurity as a new Zen Load Balancer partner in South Korea. Netcurity provides professional expertise and consulting in Security and Data Networking, where Zen Load Balancer...

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Posted by Zevenet | 03 August 2016

Dear Zen Masters, For stepping further within the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) market we are creating Zevenet from merging Sofintel IT Engineering and Zen Load Balancer. As a result of...

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Posted by Zevenet | 04 May 2016

Dear Zen Master, Yesterday 3rd of May, it was released a set of OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2 of them with high severity) where a Man In The Middle attack could decrypt...

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Posted by Zevenet | 12 April 2016

We’re proud to announce our new distributor partner in West Africa. Welcome Finesse Integrated Technologies to the ZenLB family!

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