The new ZVNcloud platform, ready the next 12th of December

Posted by Zevenet | 4 December, 2017 | Announces

After several months of development, we’re excited to announce the release of the new ZVNcloud platform with great new advanced features and capabilities.

We believe that high availability and scalability are mandatory nowadays for every application or service in the internet, so we have been working hard the latests few months in order to offer to our customers all the great features developed through load balancing as a Service with the new ZVNcloud.

Who can use the new ZVNcloud?

The new ZVNcloud platform will be launched for current and new users the next 12th of December at 16:00 GMT where the new website will be available at

Will current services be affected?

The current services will be automatically migrated to the new ZVNcloud version and only a short disconnection of the current clients to your virtual services could be noticed. Current users don’t need to apply any change or procedure to their services and our team will be always available if there is any doubt or issue.

What’s new in ZVNcloud?


Brand new Web Panel

We have created a new web graphic user interface panel, faster and customer friendly, based on Zevenet 5 advanced web interface where the users who are familiar with the base solution will find the same look and feel. All the WebGUI is fully responsive and documented online.

New ZVNcloud Dashboard

Multi-cloud Provider

Setting up our infrastructure in different cloud providers allows to improve reliability and client traffic optimization in regards to the WAN latency between client and real application servers. For that reason, ZVNcloud has been integrated with Amazon and Digital Ocean infrastructure allowing to deploy load balancers across 29 different data centers in 12 different locations.

Online resize option

Increase or decrease the allocated resources for your load balancing services where Memory or CPU can be flexible as you grow.

Improved services management

Now you can deploy as many load balancers as you need with many farms included in each one.

Local Service Load Balancing module (LSLB)

This module manages TCP, UDP or HTTP/S protocols, improves application and traffic management availability and scalability between a pool of servers geo-located across the world. Improved SSL certificates management.

Global Service Load Balancing module (GSLB)

A complete DNS Server with Load Balancing capabilities can be created which improves application and data center level availability and sharing resources between different geo-located data centers or route all your DataCenter traffic to another Geo Located Data Center in case of a Disaster Recovery.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection System module (IPDS)

This module permits to configure and set protection rules at global system or virtual service level implementing a group of techniques designed to detect, analyse and block network attacks. In addition, it allows to block incoming traffic from source IPs with defined Blacklists and detect DoS patterns.

Dashboard in real time

Professional dashboard with system statistics and real time connections monitoring.

Hope to see you onboard soon to the new ZVNcloud platform,
enjoy ZEVENET!


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