Zevenet Development Roadmap 2018 is ready!

Posted by Zevenet | 10 January, 2018 | Announces

The ZEVENET Team has compiled a very challenger development roadmap for the new year 2018. All these new developments will setup and consolidate Zevenet as a reference within the Application Delivery and Business Continuity market following our principles of high technology, transparency and to make networking easy but secure, in order to continue offering great solutions for High Availability, Security and High Performance. For that reason, we’ve launched this new year the motto Grow without limits that explains our determination of this new developments we’ve in mind.

Here is just a brief list of development challenges of this year:

Zevenet load balancer net ipv6 green

Ready for IPv6 Hyper Connectivity

IPv6 is going to be massively used in the following years, so Zevenet needs to support IPv6 completely in order to permit the scalability and hyper-connectivity that are coming in the following years.

zevenet load balancer centralized controller

Centralized Web Panel

A centralized web panel will permit to create a control panel with all the load balancers allowing a better and easier maintenance, configuration, operation and administration of all the Zevenet Load Balancers and services.

zevenet lb rbac user management

Role Based Access Control

RBAC permits to identify users, groups, permission and rights to control the allowed actions for every user in a project team.

zevenet lb web application firewall

Web Application Firewall

WAF capabilities allows to all the web content that is being passing through the load balancer to be filtered and protected against malicious code, requests or responses for web applications, services or APIs.

zevenet lb throughput 10Gb 40Gb

High Throughput 10Gb & 40Gb

New developments will permit to support load balancing and data switching with throughputs of 10Gb and 40Gb for high ends services and requirements.

zevenet lb cluster multinode

Cluster Multinode

This development is needed to create high availability for the application delivery with more than 2 nodes, so the probabilities of a down load balancer are reduced.

zevenet lb http 2

HTTP New features

New features for HTTP are going to be developed like HTTP Compression, HTTP caching and HTTP/2 protocol that will provide a better handling of web applications.

We can’t wait to deliver all these developments and great features,
Are you ready for them? Just ensure you’ve an active Support Plan for your load balancers or Contact with our Team for more information.

Enjoy Zevenet!


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