This documentation has been created by the Zen Load Balancer Developers Team for the Zen Load Balancer GNU/LGPL Project. ©...
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SETTINGS::BACKUP SECTION With the Backup option you can save the configurations on the ZenLB server and download to your local...
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Settings::change password

SETTINGS::CHANGE PASSWORD SECTION In this section you’ll be able to change the web admin user password. It’s necessary to insert...
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SETTINGS::CLUSTER SECTION On this section you can configure the cluster service and check the cluster service status. During the cluster...
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SETTINGS::INTERFACES SECTION This section is the main network configuration panel for Zen Load Balancer, where will be shown the network...
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SETTINGS::SERVER SECTION This section provides some global parameters for the load balancer server system. The meaning of these parameters are...
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MONITORING::GRAPHS SECTION This section is useful to monitorize the internal load balancer system to detect problems through the parameters of...
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MANAGE::CERTIFICATES SECTION The Certificates inventory table is used to manage the SSL certificates and CSR files to be used for...
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View status farm action

VIEW STATUS FARM ACTION This action shows the actual state of backends, clients and connections that are being delivered from...
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Datalink profile farms

DATALINK PROFILE PARAMETERS The DATALINK farm profile allows to create a routes based farm where the backends are uplink routers...
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L4xNAT profile farms

L4xNAT PROFILE PARAMETERS The L4xNAT farm profile allows to create a L4 farm with a very high performance and much...
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HTTP profile farms

HTTP PROFILE PARAMETERS The current section details the specific properties to be configured in a layer 7 HTTP farm profile....
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TCP/UDP profile farms

TCP/UDP PROFILE PARAMETERS The specific parameters for a simple TCP or UDP farm are the following: Load Balance Algorithm. This...
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MANAGE::FARMS SECTION Under the Farms section you’ll be able to access to the main configuration panel of virtual services. Through...
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Manage::global view

MANAGE::GLOBAL VIEW SECTION The Global View section is used to know the actual instant state of the system, like a...
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Installation guide

ZEN INSTALLATION The ZenLB software package could be installed or acquired through different ways: Enterprise Edition: Could be acquired as...
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