What to expect from Netdev Conf 2.1?

linux networking event
Posted by Zevenet | 6 April, 2017 | Reports

NetDev the Linux Networking event

In every edition of Netdev Conf we ask to ourselves: Where is the future of linux networking going? What are the new challenges to do more with less? Where is the bottleneck?

Well, in the upcoming Netdev Conf 2.1 edition we’re going to face new technical challenges that the gurus have been researching during the last 6 months, highlighting the interested topics about Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure, IoT research, DDos and security concerns, among other classics topics like Network optimization and performance, Network analysis, HW offload and workshops about TC, netfilter and connection tracking.

Please attend to these talks if you are you interested in…?

Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

What’s in a name?
Distributed Switch Architecture
Story of Network Virtualization and its future in Software and Hardware
Overlapping Ring Neighbor Monitoring Algorithm in 1000-node Clusters
OVS without OVS
Linux and the Network
Increasing reliability in data center network configuration

IoT Research

Real-time IoT networking on the Internet
IoT related MAC layers, header compression and routing protocols
IOT Without Things: Building virtual 6LoWPAN Mesh Networks

Network optimization & performance

Busypolling next generation
Driving Linux TCP Congestion Control algorithms around the LTE network Highway
Playing BBR with a userspace network stack
sendmsg copy avoidance with MSG_ZEROCOPY
Network Performance Workshop
Evaluating and improving kernel stack performance for datagram sockets from the perspective of RDBMS applications


XDP in practice: integrating XDP in our DDoS mitigation pipeline
Droplet: DDoS countermeasures powered by BPF + XDP
XDP for the Rest of Us
Kernel HTTP/TCP/IP stack for HTTP DDoS mitigation

Hardware Offload

Introduction to pipeline debug (dpipe)

Network Analysis

Network Testing with Netesto
Investigating Linux Network Behaviour Using Open-Source Network Emulators


Traffic Control Workshop
Netfilters connection tracking subsystem
Netfilter Mini-Workshop

Don’t miss it!
Zevenet Team will be in Montreal.



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