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POSTED ON 25 October, 2021

System Users

This section allows users that have logged into the load balancer to change access credentials.

Here is a brief description of each field.

User. A descriptive label to identify a user. This can’t be modified.
Enable ZAPI Permission. If enabled, the user will have permission to access the load balancer through Zevenet API.
ZAPI Key. When accessing via an API, the user doesn’t need to use the system password but will this key to authorize access via the API. You can not enable ZAPI permissions without defining a ZAPI Key for the user. This Key is secret and unique for each user. It is impossible to define the same key for more than one user.
Generate random key. Generate a new random secure ZAPI Key for use.
Revert changes. Restore the previous/default configurations before you apply any changes.
Current Password. Current user password. This is needed in case of changing the user password.
New Password. Create a new password for accessing the system.
Verify New Password. Repeat the newly created password.

In order to apply the changes, press on the Apply button. Use the Revert Changes button to discard the modified fields and return back to the original values.

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