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POSTED ON 3 May, 2022

This section manages the creation of PEM certificates without a passphrase and Private Key included in the same certificate. This is the format supported by the Web Proxy Engine used for the load balancing module LSLB profile HTTPS.

This form is composed of the following fields:

Name. A descriptive name, this name will be used to identify the file in the certificate storage.
Private Key. This block saves information related to the certificate key without a passphrase.
Server/Fullchain certificate. This block saves information related to the certificate itself and the common name or common names to certify.
Intermediate certificates. This block saves the Intermediate Certificates and the Certificate Authority that signed the Server Name(s).

Once the blocks are saved and the Apply button is clicked, the system will do a check against the OpenSSL library to detect if the parts included in the form are correct and if the full chain certificate in PEM format can be built properly. In case the OpenSSL library detects an issue then an informational error will be shown to allow the system administrator to fix it.

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