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POSTED BY Zevenet | 13 March, 2020

RBAC Users allows the management of system users based on permissions. A user can have two types of permissions: ZAPI Permissions and/or Web GUI Permissions.

A user could access the Load Balancer with the role of the user’s group through the API, if he has enabled Zapi permissions and the defined ZAPI KEY, the same for WEB GUI with his username and password, if the user has WEB GUI permissions, or can access to both if he has enabled all permissions.

In this section you can see a user list with the following parameters:

Name: The username. Identifies the user and is used to access through the Web GUI.
Group: The group that the user belongs to. The user can only belong to one group.
GUI Permissions: Indicates if the user has permissions to login to the Web GUI. Green allows access, and Red deny access.
ZAPI Permissions: Indicates if the user has permissions to the access to the Load Balancer through the Zevenet API. Green allows access, and Red deny access.
Actions: The allowed action are the following:

  • Edit: To enter in the user configuration form.
  • Delete: To completely delete a user from the system.

Through the drop-down menu you have available the following actions:

CREATE USER: Open the user creation form.
DELETE: Delete selected users, you can select one or more users with the checkbox of the first column.

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