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POSTED ON 17 March, 2020

Once the packet reaches the rule table a decision is taken and this part of the system finally forwards the packet to the given table, it is in this section where the routes of the tables can be modified.

By default any Zevenet Load Balancer includes at least two tables, the table “main” and the table “table_eth0”, the table main is used by the load balancer for reaching any external service, for example, DNS resolution, NTP requests, Proxy connection, APT updates, etc and the table table_eth0 or others are used for load balancing purpose, over those tables is where the VIPs are linked to and their traffic is managed.

This view shows the available routing tables in the system, and the columns are described below:

Name: Table name identification. Click on it to enter the configuring form.
Action: Access to the configuration view for the selected table.

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