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POSTED ON 6 April, 2020

From this section files for internal use in the WAF module can be updated, those files can be used in the process of the WAF analysis request/response flow. Once the files are created, those can be linked with the WAF given Rule in the section IPDS >> WAF >> Ruleset, at the moment of using the file in the WAF module.
The parameters will be described below:

  • Name: A descriptive name for the new file.
  • Type: The file type, this datatype can’t be modified in update view, it can be:
    • LUA. This option allows setting your own allowed ciphers
    • Data file. The WAF system uses additional files, like blacklists, file extensions lists, in general, any kind of information to extend the WAF rules.
  • Content file: Modify here the given content file in the format selected previously in order to create the file.
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