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POSTED ON 15 May, 2018

This section shows the details of the Activation Certificate for Zevenet Enterprise Edition. In the first section you can see the credentials required for generate the Activation Certificate.

zevenet system activation certificate

  • Certificate Key. It is a encrypted string generate by your system, unique and necessary to generate the activation certificate. If the certificate is generated with another certificate Key, this will not be valid for your system.
  • Hostname. It is the unique nickname that is given to your load balancer.
  • In both values you have available a copy button next to the title that copy the value of the in your clipboard.

In the next section shows the content of the activation certificate as follows:
zevenet system activation certificate

         The Validity section indicates:

  • Not Before. Date and time when the certificate was issued.
  • Not After. Date and time until the certificate is valid. Note that after this date the appliance will continue working perfectly if it’s more or equal than 1 year, only a warning will appear. Less than 1 year is considered as temporary activation certificate and the appliance will stop after this date and time.
  • Subject. Content shows the following fields:
    • O. Organization that the activation certificate has been issued to.
    • OU / Key generated by the appliance instance and used in activation certificate.
    • CN. Host name in case sensitive of the requester.
    • emailAddress. The email of the requester.

Through the Actions menu button the following two actions are available:
zevenet system activation certificate

  • Upload Certificate. This option applies a new activation certificate (temporary and definitive ones). Once this option is selected there will be available the option Select file where we can select a certificate from our local PC to be uploaded to the load balancer. Click on Upload to apply the new activation certificate.

    zevenet system activation certificate upload

  • Delete Certificate. Unset and remove the activation certificate from the appliance.

In the case that you require an evaluation certificate, please fill in the Request Evaluation Form.

Once you send the form you will receive an automatic email with the steps for activating an evaluation of Zevenet Enterprise Edition. These certificates are issued with a default period of 1 month and they are deployed for testing purposes, by the other hand if you require a definitive activation certificate please contact with us through the Contact us form.

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