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POSTED ON 16 May, 2018

RBAC Roles allows the management of roles based on objects and actions. A role defines a set of permissions that is applied to a group. All users of the group inherit the group role.
A role is a set of objects, each object has actions. A action can be enabled or disabled for the role. In this section you can see a group list with the following parameters:

zevenet rbac groups

NAME. Role name, it is used as unique identifier.
ACTIONS. The allowed action are the following:

  • Edit: To enter in role configuration screen.
  • Delete: To completely delete an role.

In addition, through the Action menu you have available the following actions:

CREATE ROLE: This action, it redirect to the role creation form.
DELETE: To delete the selected ROLES, through selectable checkbox of first column.

Check out the description of objects and their actions.

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