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POSTED ON 15 May, 2018

This section is used to change a physical network NIC configuration.

Global Settings

The global settings to change a certain network NIC configuration are the following.

zevenet network nic update configuration

Name. System name for the physical interface. Not editable.
MAC. MAC address that is assigned to a certain NIC. Not editable.
IP Address. IP address in IPv4/IPv6 format currently assigned to the interface that can be edited.
Netmask. Network mask in IPv4 format currently assigned to the NIC that can be edited. For IPv6 use CIDR format (0 to 128).
Gateway. Default gateway in IPv4/IPv6 format currently used by the NIC that can be edited.
Alias. Interface alias.

IPv4 and IPv6 stacks are supported, take into account that the Netmask and Gateway must be configured in the same stack than the IP. Once all the required changes are done, press the Update button to apply the new changes.

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