POSTED ON 19 February, 2016

This section provides some global parameters for the load balancer server system.

The meaning of these parameters are the following:

Time out execution Zen GUI CGIs. The Zen GUI web administration panel has been implemented in perl CGI, so this is the time limit to execute the cgi. If the page execution exceed this timeout, the process will be killed.
NTP server. Time server to syncronize the date-time of the system.
Rsync replication parameters. These are the parameters to syncronize the config data of the cluster replication. Do not change this settings if you dont know what are you doing.
Physical interface where is running the GUI service. This is the interface where the web panel service will be bind to. It’s safe to keep the All interfaces enabled. To apply the changes it’s needed to restart the GUI service.
DNS servers. This is the /etc/resolv.conf file content to apply the DNS servers for the system.
APT repository. This is the /etc/apt/sources.list file content to apply the APT repositories for the system. These apt servers have to be appropiately updated when a system upgrading is needed.

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