Zevenet top achievements of 2017

Posted by Zevenet | 2 January, 2018 | Reports

The year 2017 brought to Zevenet with big challenges, a lot of new changes but with all the hope of provide the best of all the Team to provide our humble work to make the world a better place where the networks, digital data and application delivery performs in a reliable manner, more performance to do more with less, and allowing a highly scalable architecture for every IT environment.

This journey started on January 2017, where Zevenet was born publicly with the same values of transparency, openness, accessible high technology and teamwork. Later, ending March the brand new version Zevenet EE 5 was released as a disruption solution within the ADC market: modern and optimized Angular 2 web GUI, enhanced security with a new Intrusion Prevention and Detection System, new redesigned clustering service that will permit multi node, automation ready with the REST APIv3, broad platform available like full tolerant hardware options, Dockers and public cloud platforms, the launch of the new ZVNcloud platform with the support of multi cloud providers, etc.

In regards to the Partnership network we’ve almost doubled the number of partners and improved the communication with the new Partners Portal and new resources. We’ve migrated and improved the Customers Support Portal, newsletters, multimedia tutorials, improved documentation, and much more!

The vast majority of the 2017 Roadmap have been successfully achieved by all the Team, but yet we’ve a lot of great new ideas and challenges to start the new year 2018. Are you ready for them? Look forward to the new Roadmap and challenges!

Happy new year!


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