Posted by Zevenet | 04 May 2016

Dear Zen Master, Yesterday 3rd of May, it was released a set of OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2 of them with high severity) where a Man In The Middle attack could decrypt traffic when the SSL connection uses certain ciphers. More information here. In detail, the vulnerabilities released and checked for Zen Load Balancer Editions are: Memory...

Posted by Zevenet | 12 April 2016

We’re proud to announce our new distributor partner in West Africa. Welcome Finesse Integrated Technologies to the ZenLB family!

Posted by Zevenet | 31 March 2016

Dear Zen Masters, We’re proud to announce the release of the brand new Zen Load Balancer Community Edition 3.10 with great improvements and enhancements that will allow to maintain an updated based system and usability. The complete changelog available. In addition, please look forward our next scheduled releases in the roadmap section! Enjoy ZenLB!

Posted by Zevenet | 23 March 2016

The Zen Load Balancer Team is continuously working on making our users lives easier. In this case, a new Knowledge Base web application has been released in order to have a quick access to the ZenLB library, direct content search tool and documents categorization. Collaborate generating, translating or proposing any documentation you consider valuable in...

Posted by Zevenet | 01 February 2016

Dear Zen Master, last 19th of January was released a new Security Advisory regarding CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778. Please contact with the ZenLB Support Team in order to get further information and protection against these security threads.

Posted by Zevenet | 24 December 2015

ZenLB Developers Team are working hard on the upcoming ZenLB Enterprise Edition 4.1, which brings along an improved Zapi, improved user experience through improved configuration forms, improved L4 farms performance, L4 farms maintenance mode and session lost avoidance. Visit the roadmap to get more details about what is coming:

Posted by Zevenet | 14 December 2015

Zen Load Balancer is used to provide high availability and load balancing for a wide range of applications. Today, this is mandatory in order to serve applications to users anytime, anywhere and through any device. In such terms, Hitachi has compiled a Networking Best Practices in order to load balance web content applications. Download “Networking...

Posted by Zevenet | 08 December 2015

Hi Zen Masters! We’re proud to announce our participation on the next Netdev 1.1 The Technical Conference on Linux Networking in Seville (Spain) the days 10th, 11th and 12th February 2016, which Zen Load Balancer is a Bronze Sponsor.   <br In addition, Laura García from the Zen Load Balancer Team is going to present...

Posted by Zevenet | 23 November 2015

When a vendor renewal is becoming a problem, it’s time to think that something is not going well. We’ll explain in this post why Zen Load Balancer is a valuable alternative to f5 end of support. Do you know why big corporations like Google, Facebook, Vmware, etc, do not use proprietary software for their systems...