New Subscription Plan launched

Posted by Zevenet | 1 February, 2019 | Miscelanea

Zevenet is proud to announce the new Support Plans available in order to simplify your options and to know better which support level fits better with your requirements.

In addition, some Support policies have been improved after listening to all of your petitions like different support levels per node, software updates with product upgrades included by default, appliances comes by default with any of the Support Plans to ensure updates during at least one year, and a new Subscription Plan in order to maintain your load balancer appliances up to date without technical assistance and further renewal advantages to reward your fidelity.

All the current effective Support Contracts and services are not being to be modified in any case, so during this year the old Support Plan will be effective without concern and without disruptions to our users.

Please find more details about the new Subscription Plan, 8×5 Support Plan and 24×7 Support Plan in the following link.

Zevenet New Support Plans Presentation

In regards to the brand new Subscription Plan, this is designed for those users that do not require technical assistance but want to maintain updated their load balancing appliances. With this new Plan, you will need to install a package in your appliances that configures a remote APT repository with the latest Enterprise Edition packages available. In addition to that, upgrades to a new product version is available in this Subscription Plan.

If you have not already a Support Plan, do not hesitate and ensure your load balancers are up to date with this new Subscription Plan!

For further information refer to the new Support Plans webpage.

Enjoy your covered application delivery.


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