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POSTED ON 15 May, 2019

This section shows two tables, a table with established and pending connections per backend (Backends table), and another table with the established sessions (Sessions table).

Backends table

The different fields of the backend connections stats are:

  • Service. Farm service name where the backend is configured in. This column only appears in HTTP(s) farms.
  • ID. Index of the service backend.
  • Alias. Alias of the backend in the case it has one configured.
  • IP. IP address of the backend.
  • Port. Port of the backend.
  • Status. Current status of the backend. The color code of the backend status is as follows:
    • Green bullet = Means Backend is running normally.
    • Orange bullet = Means the Backend is on maintenance mode.
    • Red bullet = Means the farm is up but the backend is not reachable.
  • Established Conns. Number of current established connections to the given backend.
  • Pending Conns. Number of current pending connections to the given backend.

Sessions table

The different fields of the backend sessions table are:

  • Client. Client table sessions index identifies a client.
  • Backend ID. Farm backend index associated with the client.
  • Service. Farm service name associated with the client session.
  • Session ID. Client IP address associated with the backend.


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