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POSTED ON 2 October, 2017

Under this section you will be able to create DSLB farms.

Create Farm DSLB

After selecting Create Farm from the Actions button, a new panel to setup a new farm is shown.

zevenet dslb create wan farm

To create a DSLB farm go to DSLB module >> Farms section >> Actions menu, and select Create Farm. This will show a form with the minimum required configuration for a DSLB farm:

Name. The farm identification name.
Virtual IP. Assign a network interface and IP address to the new farm. This IP address will be configured in the local clients as default gateway to load balance the requests among the Internet or WAN uplinks.

Once the new farm details has been entered, then press the Create button and a confirmation message should appear.

Next step, configure the DSLB farm properties.

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