POSTED ON 12 September, 2016

This section is used for alert configurations, Zen Load Balancer v4.2 is able to send notifications to customer through email when an Alert is detected, in a near future more ways of notifications will be included.

The available fields are described as follows:

Mail Server: SMTP Server which receive the email.

Mail User: Email account allowed to send emails, this account is needed if Server requires SMTP authentication.

Password:: Password for the configured account, this password is needed if Server requires SMTP authentication.

From:: Email account that sends the email, this account will appear in the SMTP header From: and it will be used if the reciever replies the email.

Enable TLS:: Enable TLS validation for sending email, this property uses STARTTLS and this feature has to be supported in the SMTP server.

Note: SMTP port used for sending emails is TCP 25 even if TLS is enabled.
Note: In case customer is working with a cluster service, this configuration has to be done in both cluster nodes.

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