ZEVENET Roadmap 2021

Posted by Zevenet | 9 February, 2021 | Announces

The ZEVENET Team invites you to discover the amazing challenging plan in regards to new features, research & developments, as well as the design of new products line.

This roadmap follows the forecast that was released the last year for the following 3 years to provide high-tech solutions for networking such as SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN), microservices and multi-cloud SASE (Secure Access Service Edge).

In order to continue with these trends, the ZEVENET Roadmap 2021 includes the following areas of work:

zevenet microservices container kubernetes

Native Microservices Networking

Currently, the main load balancing cores (kube-nftlb for layer 4 and zproxy-ingress for layer 7) have been released as open projects for native highly scalable Kubernetes environments. The ZEVENET Team will continue this integration work by providing further performance and network security policies.

zevenet next generation security vpn

Further Security features

This year we will release VPN services included in ZEVENET EE as well as the development of a Next Generation Firewall module for advanced management of routing, NATting and network protections.

zevenet next generation firewall

Multi-cloud Centralized Management

New web GUI is under development to be integrated with a Central Console Management as well as the Next Generation of the ZEVENET multi-cloud solution ZVNcloud in order to be able to provide a future SASE solution.

zevenet http high performance proxy

HTTP Proxy enhancements

the ZEVENET Next Generation proxy that is currently in a very stable stage will be enhanced with a complete live configuration API without disruptions, HTTP2 protocol support as well as cache for HTTP traffic acceleration.

Don’t miss any of these great new challenges and be in the loop to be up to date! Just ensure to have active any of our Support Plans available to enjoy these new features in 2021. ZEVENET 7 is being cooked 🙂


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