Zevenet Roadmap 2020

Posted by Zevenet | 28 January, 2020 | Announces

The Zevenet development Roadmap for 2020 has been compiled and we can’t wait to start with the new awesome challenges!

The forecast for the following 3 years includes the development and evolution of new technologies based on containers like Kubernetes and new trends like SD-WAN. In any of those different technologies, Zevenet is ready to provide open added value solutions and contribute to the evolution of open networking.

Due to all of this, the Zevenet Development Roadmap 2020 includes the following new features:

zevenet microservices container kubernetes

Native Microservices Networking

Container-based networking is in high demand but yet too much to develop, that is why Zevenet has a lot to offer in this field that is mainly governed by Docker and Kubernetes. The users of these technologies can benefit from all the Zevenet load balancing cores and security developments.

zevenet sd-wan

SD-WAN properties

Load balancing and high availability of uplink providers will be improved during this year, but also, VPN and outbound connectivity enhancements between cloud and on-premises services.

zevenet next generation firewall

Next Generation Firewall

Capabilities of network and application security will be implemented in order to enhance the management of traffic security among users, applications, and networks.

zevenet http high performance proxy

HTTP Proxy enhancements

New value-added HTTP properties will enrich our high performance web proxy in order to provide compression, HTTP/2 protocol handling, and even HTTP/3 – QUIC analyzing protocols. In addition, performance improvements of the Web Application Firewall will be considered.

Are you going to miss all of that? Hope you enjoy the new Zevenet new features as much as we do during the design and implementation!

Don’t forget to get any of our Support Plans available to enjoy these new features in 2020.


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