Zevenet Development Roadmap 2019

Posted by Zevenet | 29 January, 2019 | Announces

The Zevenet Team is proud to announce the development Roadmap 2019 including new load balancing cores for application delivery, further cyber security features and improved user experience. During the year 2018 we have put all the efforts of the automation of all the development and testing processes in order to optimize the efforts and deliver the best software quality in every release. In addition, great features like Role-Based Access Control and IPv6, among others have been released with success!

All these efforts will allow us to face bigger challenges in Zevenet this year in order to provide high-tech for all of our users: high performance, better security and more scalable. See below the details.

zevenet lb web application firewall

Web Application Firewall

Web application level firewall is already integrated in Zevenet and will be released during this year. This big feature will allow to detect and protect web applications and web services against attacks like sql injection, brute force, web based DoS among others. Cyber-security services will be provided as well in order to provide an updated database of malicious patterns to detect.

zevenet web gui

Latest technology for a new Web GUI

The new web GUI is being implemented with the latest Angular technology, including better user experience, support of languages, centralized web panel and faster response. All these new changes will permit an easier maintenance, configuration and administration of all your application delivery.

zevenet lb cores

High performance load balancing cores

Two new load balancing cores are being implemented in order to be released along the current year. From one side, the new layer 4 core based on the latest technology will perform lineally much better than the old l4 core with at least 2x faster and more flexibility that provides additional load balancing methods among other new capabilities.

On the other side, a new layer 7 proxy is going to be released and implemented from scratch in order to offer much better performance than any other in the market. This new proxy will provide brand new capabilities like HTTP/2, websocket support, reverse proxy pass, HTTP compression, HTTP cache among others.

zevenet firewall

Firewall and Switch

New capabilities for advanced routing, firewalling and switching is going to be faced this year. New use cases that includes all these properties are required to extend the deployment of an application delivery controller at all layers.

Enjoy the new Zevenet as much as we do during the design and implementation!

Don’t forget to get any of our Support Plans available to enjoy of these new features in 2019.


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