Posted by Zevenet | 26 August 2016

We’re proud to become a sponsor again for Netdev 1.2 in Tokyo on October 5-7. Netdevconf is the most important Linux Networking Developers conference worldwide. See you there! CHECK OUR NETDEV TALKS PAPERS

Posted by Zevenet | 12 August 2016

On our childhood, who hasn’t played sending hidden or encoded messages with friends? The lemon juice was a good game. Writing what we wanted to share with lemon juice on a piece of paper and telling our mate the technique of heating it under a candle or lighter to discover was written was great fun....

Posted by Zevenet | 10 August 2016

In the Digital Era and moving to a hyper-connected world the data availability must be ensured and secured. The failure or unavailability of any system have a high cost and mean a high risk for the whole system, with additionally the frustration and confidence lost from the users. A strategy application for a Public Administration...

Posted by Zevenet | 08 August 2016

Imagine than all the population of London City and its metropolitan area click in the same time in your website. Will your applications support it? The benchmarks of the new 4100 line, currently only for virtual appliances, shows that the new ZVA64 EE 4100 is able to support such amount of users concurrency in Layer...

Posted by Zevenet | 04 August 2016

We’re proud to welcome Netcurity as a new Zen Load Balancer partner in South Korea. Netcurity provides professional expertise and consulting in Security and Data Networking, where Zen Load Balancer will be a great asset to their security solutions portfolio. Welcome to the Zen Load Balancer Family!

Posted by Zevenet | 03 August 2016

Dear Zen Masters, For stepping further within the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) market we are creating Zevenet from merging Sofintel IT Engineering and Zen Load Balancer. As a result of our market and brand research we decided to unify our beloved Zen Load Balancer brand and our invoicing brand Sofintel into a one single brand,...

Posted by Zevenet | 04 May 2016

Dear Zen Master, Yesterday 3rd of May, it was released a set of OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2 of them with high severity) where a Man In The Middle attack could decrypt traffic when the SSL connection uses certain ciphers. More information here. In detail, the vulnerabilities released and checked for Zen Load Balancer Editions are: Memory...

Posted by Zevenet | 12 April 2016

We’re proud to announce our new distributor partner in West Africa. Welcome Finesse Integrated Technologies to the ZenLB family!

Posted by Zevenet | 31 March 2016

Dear Zen Masters, We’re proud to announce the release of the brand new Zen Load Balancer Community Edition 3.10 with great improvements and enhancements that will allow to maintain an updated based system and usability. The complete changelog available. In addition, please look forward our next scheduled releases in the roadmap section! Enjoy ZenLB!