Posted by Zevenet | 30 October 2015

Every year increases the world population connected to the internet, we have more devices connected and life becomes more digital oriented. This means using more digital services and more users. We present you a solution to adapt your infrastructure to your user base growth. We are going to approach this case with a two-layered load...

Posted by Zevenet | 28 October 2015

Hi Zen Masters! Tomorrow we are going to participate in #ITTRENDS 2015, the biggest technology trends event in Andalusia.

Posted by Zevenet | 16 October 2015

Hi Zen Masters, this article presents how to create and configure a L4 (layer 4) farm, a couple of backends (web servers) and the farm guardian through our Zen Load Balancer API (ZAPI). L4xNAT profile The L4xNAT farm profile allows you to create a L4 farm with a very high performance and much more concurrent...

Posted by Zevenet | 13 October 2015

Hi Zen Masters, today we bring an example about how to use our Zen Load Balancer API! This article presents the use of this API to get a farm list with the name, profile and status parameters of all created farms. Zen Load Balancer API (ZAPI) This ZAPI allows you to use the powerful Zen...

Posted by Zevenet | 08 October 2015

Hi Zen Masters! We have available the new ZVA64EE 4000 virtual appliance. You can find all the information on the product website: We hope it meets your needs!

Posted by Zevenet | 23 September 2015

Hi Zen Masters, we announce the latest ZLB stable Community Edition version release which includes: New features: [sys] SNMP system support Improvements: [net] Network connections stats [farms] HTTP / HTTPS farm core updated [sys] OpenSSL update. Security Enhanced (poodle and others) [gui] Web GUI improvements [gui] Web GUI faster load [gui] Created new section “Monitoring::conns...

Posted by Zevenet | 11 September 2015

Hi Zen Masters! The new Community Edition v3.07 is being developed and tested along the following weeks, visit the roadmap to get details about what is coming: Look forward for this new release!

Posted by Zevenet | 21 July 2014

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Posted by Zevenet | 01 May 2014

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