Best practices for online retailers traffic

Posted by Zevenet | 11 November, 2016 | Reports

Smart shoppers are increasing rapidly among traditional ones. Days as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are specially set for attracting this audience, offering in such as short period of time as 24 hours tons of online bargains.

Is your infrastructure prepare to handle millions of online shoppers? Not sure?

As a online retailer, having your services live is vital for selling your products or services, furthermore the speed of your site, the agility of handling requests and processing transactions on your online payment gateway is key.

Don’t give your customers any reason to abandon your site.

Load testing your infrastructure for ensuring the right performance of online stores, CRMs, ERPs, online payment gateway and web or mobile applications for processing tons of current purchases smoothly, are required to protect the business core.

How testing the performance of your site?

Here we list some good practices to ensure flawless traffic to the websites and applications.

  1. Analyze from where the audience is coming from: Countries, Provinces or Cities. This study will permit to move your services to the nearest data center and reduce latency.
  2. Ensure the highest security levels with tools like SSL Labs.
  3. Test the capacity of your infrastructure with local and online tools.
  4. Estimate the peak concurrent users expected, the worst case the better. It’ll help to dimension a scalability design for your infrastructure.
  5. Test the application from different devices, Mobile and Tablet devices requires network optimization to deliver a flawless delivery and better user experience.
  6. Apply cache and acceleration techniques.
  7. Monitor your actual users experience, in order to apply corrections and bear in mind its scalability.
  8. Ensure the protection of DDoS attacks that are more frequent in these heavy load days.

Flawless traffic on your site. Happier customers. Higher sales.

How ensuring flawless traffic in your website?

Setting a Application Delivery Controller, or ADC, permits to design and build an infrastructure with all these best practices in a transparent way.

Take advantage of some promotions that ADC vendors design to ensure a flawless traffic for retailers these high load holidays.


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