Enterprises Will Look At Alternatives To Traditional ADC Solutions

Opportunities in the ADC market

As data center traffic grows and a digital infrastructure evolves, errors in the application and server within a data center can cause downtime delays and additional costs.
To avoid this, Infrastructure and operations leaders need to heavily invest in their IT infrastructures, to ensure business continuity as well as provide fast and scalable service.

For mid-sized and large enterprises, this solution is frequently too expensive, with traditional providers delivering vendor-lock-in solutions with limited development.

Resilient by default


ZEVENET project and brand is in the process of extinction in favor of the two new awesome projects called SKUDONET and RELIANOID which will ensure the continuity of the Zevenet products and services to all our customers and users. Both projects are legitimate to continue with the great work done all these years with Zevenet. You’re in good hands.

adc high availability

High Availability

Utilize a high availability system that prevents outages.

adc scale

Ensure security

Delivering advanced cybersecurity services for your applications.

adc performance


Application growth seamlessly with cutting-edge technology.

adc performance


We develop open high technology to gather the best performance.

Cases by Sectors

Avoid Service Interruptions And Have An
IT Infrastructure That Is Highly Available


Learn how ZEVENET assures high performance in your industry through seamless failover,
improving ease of use, and optimizing server efficiency.

More than 600

new deployments per week

More than 500

customers worldwide

More than 20x

performance than cloud vendors

Less than 24h

response to fix a security flaw

Building Trust

Commitment to Accountability
and Quality Assurance

At ZEVENET, we’re thrilled to see our commitment to providing high-quality open-source load balancing solutions being
recognised by national and international institutions, as well as our customers and partners.

We’re thrilled to see our efforts being recognized by Google Reviews, rewarding our technological solutions

This recognition reflects our commitment to providing top-notch solutions and exceptional customer experiences.

ZEVENET has been named one of the Top 5 Best Open Source Load Balancers in 2019 by Tech Times.

Further Doubts?

Finding The Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

ZEVENET provides consulting and development services to help you reduce risks to ensure your business’s growth while facilitating a flexible IT architecture for your company.