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With the surge in Internet traffic, network operator and content provider have to date successfully maintained services and efficiently utilized pre-existing capacity, and in certain cases expanded this capacity

Your customer expect a secure, high performance, highly available service and network. Keeping ahead of those demands keeps you ahead of competitors.

Scalability of Networks & Servers

Reduce Downtime, Improve
Scalability & Add a Layer of Security

With ZEVENET you can avoid overloading a server and maintain a healthy amount of activity on each server.

By balancing incoming requests and the power provided by the resources, a load balancer creates a highly available, scalable and reliable network and web application for your users.

Use Cases

Facilitate Scalability
of Network & Servers

SFTP Load Balancing

Secure file transfer protocols (sftp)
and continuous load balancing.


Server & Data Center

Gslb: achieves load balancing and
high availability
of your servers and data center.


Our Testimonials

I’ve been working a lot in the past with other very well known Load Balancer products, very robust with bunch of features, that has a substantial cost as well, but I can say that with ZEVENET only have what you need and ZLB makes the job perfectly. The version 2 was a bit light in features, but the latest version 3 is more powerful. A really nice product!


Beabloo (Spain)

It is a super nice user experience indeed. Easy to manage things that can be quite advanced. My main experience comes from the F5 LTM that I work with every day.
 But ZEVENET is, by far, more user friendly.


Website creation company (Sweden)

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