Ensure high availability and secure your services with Zevenet ADC support

ZEVENET team is composed by developers, researchers, IT architects and high level engineers to provide the best solutions with any of our ADC support plans.

Support Benefits


Security Analyzer Tool

Permits to detect and fix system level security threads and weak configurations.


Security Threats Response in less than 24 hours

Get quick security patches and enjoy a secure ADC solution.


Engineers Team direct access

The expertise of our team ensures quick response and the best solution to any issue experienced.


Updates & Hotfixes

Keep up to date with the most innovative features and the latest hotfixes.

Our Support Plans

ADC support standard zevenet load balancer

This yearly renewable service provides a basic engaged response for small companies with a limited number of 6 cases and a coverage of 8×5.

ADC support intermediate with Zevenet Load balancer

This yearly renewable service is recommended for companies which are increasing their availability services and requires a non-based cases support model with a coverage of 8×5.

zevenet ADC support advance

This yearly renewable service offers a 24×5 availability with non limited cases dedicated to companies whose availability services mean a key for the business continuity.

ADC support critical, Zevenet load balancer

This yearly renewable service offers a full 24×7 coverage with non limited cases dedicated to companies with mission critical and massive scalable services which means a risk for their core.

Since the first release of Zen Load Balancer in October 2010 we have not stopped improving, researching, developing our ADC solutions as open source project. Thanks to that, our Team gathered the expertise to implement and support a robust and easy ADC solution accessible to everyone.

We’ve designed different support plans for meeting every services requirements.

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