Welcome to ZEVENET 5.12! Access to the ZEVENET web GUI If you've successfully installed or deployed ZEVENET 5.12, you will...
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Dashboard | ZEVENET Community Edition 5.12 The dashboard shows an up-to-date status of the entire load balance appliance i.e. CPU...
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LSLB | Farms

LSLB | Farms Section The Local Service Load Balancing or LSLB module manages TCP, UDP, SCTP, SIP, FTP, TFTP, PPTP,...
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LSLB | Farms | Create

Under this section, you will be able to create LSLB farms. These farms can be configured in two profiles: HTTP...
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LSLB | Farms | Update

Update HTTP and L4xNAT profiles In this section, you'll be able to change and update profile configurations available in the...
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LSLB | SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates List This section lists all certificates installed on the appliance and are ready for use by LSLB farms....
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LSLB | SSL Certificates | Upload

In this section, you'll upload SSL Certificates for the LSLB farm using the Upload Certificate action. When you click the...
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LSLB | Let’s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt certificates list In this section, you'll learn more about ZEVENET Application Delivery Controller. This application has been integrated...
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Monitoring | Graphs

This section connects all the Systems, Network Interfaces, Farm Services, and Monitoring Graphs. These graphs are essential when you want...
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Monitoring | Farms Stats

Monitoring Farms Stats This section shows every detail about farms and load balancing services statistics. It shows a table with...
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Monitoring | Network Stats

Monitoring Network Stats In this section, you'll learn about the necessary stats for tracking inbound and outbound traffic passing through...
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Monitoring | Farm Guardian

The Farmguardian section lists all the health-checks available in the load balancer. It also includes a short description of each...
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Network | NIC

This section describes how we can configure and operate non-virtual Network Interface Cards. NIC Interfaces Table The table below lists...
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Network | NIC | Update

The article below will teach you how to update the configuration settings of a NIC. Global Networking NIC Settings The...
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Network | VLAN

VLAN interfaces (VLAN tagging) permit isolating logical network architectures at OSI layer 2 over the same physical NIC interface, each...
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Network | VLAN | Create

This section explains how to create a VLAN interface and the available configurations. Create VLAN Find the detailed descriptions for...
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Network | VLAN | Update

Learn how to update or modify a VLAN interface in this section. Global Settings You may configure the following attributes...
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Network | Virtual Interface

Virtual Interfaces permit the assignment of more than one IP address to the same NIC or VLAN interface configured in...
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Network | Virtual Interface | Create

Learn how to create a Virtual Interface through a step-by-step guide, descriptions, and the necessary configuration options. Create Virtual Interface...
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Network | Gateway

In this section, users will learn how to configure a Default Gateway for both IPv4 and IPv6 in the global...
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Network | Gateway | Configure

This section describes how to update or modify the Default Gateway. On the table list containing the network gateways, hover...
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System | Services

Local Services The Local Services section manages internal services on the load balancer. This community edition supports the SNMP service....
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System | Backups

In this section, you will learn how to manage backup configurations of the load balancer in case of quick disaster...
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System | Backups | Create

In this section, you will learn how to create a backup file with the entire configuration of the load balancer....
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System | Backups | Upload

Learn how to upload and store a local backup file into the load balancer. Upload Backup After clicking the Upload...
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System | User

System Users This section allows users that have logged into the load balancer to change their access credentials. Here is...
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System | Logs

Log List This section allows you to access the system logs to analyze problems and gather more information regarding the...
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System | License

ZEVENET License This section shows the software license of ZEVENET which is based on the GNU Affero General Public License...
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System | Support Save

ZEVENET Support Save The SupportSave section allows a user to generate a *.tar.gz compressed file with all essential information about...
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