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POSTED ON 3 May, 2022

Generate CSR

In this section, you will generate SSL Certificates for the LSLB farm. The action, Generate CSR opens a form with the details required to make a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file.

These are the required details:

Name. An easy name to identify the certificate.
Locality. The city where your company is located.
Country. The country where your company is located. Use the Alpha-2 code, eg. ES, UK, RU.
State/Province. The state where your company is established.
Common Name. FQDN of the server, hostname or wildcard name to be certified, for example:,, or *
Organization. The full legal name of your organization/company, for example: Google Inc.
Division. Your department; such as ‘IT Department’, ’Web’, ‘Office’, etc.
E-mail Address. Your contact email address.

Once the CSR file is generated, you can issue a trusted certificate for this load balance appliance or its instance.

Check out this video about how to generate an SSL CSR certificate.

Next step, upload SSL Certificates.

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