zevenet timeline

Zevenet 5.9 (Community Edition)

15 January, 2019

New features:
[networking] IPv6 support
[system] 64 bits support
[farms] new L4xNAT core based on nftables and nftlb
[farms] add L4xNAT direct server return support
[gui] new WebGUI with Angular6 based in ngx-admin template
[api] new Zevenet API 4.0
[guardian] new event-driven Farmguardian Next Generation

[system] fix security issues Spectre and Meltdown
[system] kernel update (Debian Buster)
[system] improved support for hypervisors
[system] improved code refactoring

Zevenet 5.2.7 (Enterprise Edition)

7 November, 2018

[farms] add multiprotocol and multiport support for SIP
[ssl] not allowed to update the license certificate if it is not valid
[system] kernel update to solve several vulnerabilities (Spectre and Meltdown)

[farms] fix backend in maintenance used with the priority algorithm
[farms] solved issue changing TCP to UDP protocol
[farms] modify the virtual port value to * if multiprotocol is configured
[api] latest character was deleted for the hostname
[farms] fixed issues creating load balancing rules for protocol with helpers

Zevenet 5.0.2 (Community Edition)

5 November, 2018

[ssl] update the HIGH cipher string

[farms] error modifying the SSL HTTPS certificate
[ssl] error uploading a SSL certificate
[ssl] set the custom cipher string properly

Zevenet 5.2.6 (Enterprise Edition)

20 September, 2018

[farm] services in HTTP farm show redirect value even when it isn’t configured
[system] check internet connectivity and proxy usage

Zevenet 5.2.5 (Enterprise Edition)

28 August, 2018

[farms] fix l4 switching to ALL protocols
[farms] removed not needed ports for helpers in l4xnat
[farms] fix sip load balancing with NAT and ALL protocols
[farms] fix rules deleting backends in l4 farms
[farms] force to use TCP and UDP protocols for SIP
[farms] disable force to dnat in SIP configurations
[gui] disable port configuration for SIP protocol
[gui] disabled configure port if SIP or ALL protocols is enabled.

Zevenet 5.2.4 (Enterprise Edition)

10 August, 2018

New features:
[system] ability to configure a http/s proxy for outbound connections
[farms] multiport support for FTP, TFTP and SIP protocols

[farms] set STS Timeout by default after disabling the STS Header
[farms] fix FTP, TFTP and SIP loading protocols
[stats] fix FTP and TFTP stat connections
[ipds] limit blaklists name length
[ipds] fix blacklist cron scheduler getting remote lists

Zevenet 5.2.3 (Enterprise Edition)

24 July, 2018

[webgui] improved behavior of search boxes
[webgui] favicon with dark themes in browsers
[syslog] remove depuration messages

[networking] bring up NIC interface when it does not have link
[rbac] modify RBAC user without a new password
[rbac] modify RBAC user without group permissions
[cluster] drop incoming traffic on virtual interfaces with IPv6 in the backup node
[guardian] fix typos in farmguardian templates
[networking] fix bonding interfaces route tables
[farms] GSLB vip status shows critical in the backup node
[guardian] fix farmguardian migration script
[farms] fix error 500 creating GSLB farms
[farms] GSLB statistics does not work in the backup node
[cluster] cluster does not replicate new GSLB farms properly
[networking] fix startup interfaces configuration without an activation certificate
[farms] fix least connections port aware per backend
[system] fix error deleting the activation certificate
[networking] show interface aliases

Zevenet 5.0.1 (Community Edition)

2 July, 2018

[farms] Locking system for http configuration files
[networking] Add a check to verify the virtual IP when starting a farm

[stats] L4xNAT statistics does not show backends list
[stats] HTTP does not show the virtual interfaces stats
[farms] Fix L4xNAT farms and datalink renaming
[farms] Allow character ‘_’ for HTTP service names
[networking] Run virtual interfaces in the start process
[certificates] Fix the load of certificate field ‘Issuer’
[supportsave] Don’t use arptables to resolve IPs
[farms] Remove critical status in HTTP farms when a redirect configured
[farms] Allow setting the backend parameter ‘port’ as blank
[farms] Modifying a L4xNAT farm returns error sometimes
[services] Error parsing the file ‘resolve.conf’
[farms] Use a more restrictive regular expression to get farm file name

Zevenet 5.2.2 (Enterprise Edition)

29 June, 2018

[rbac] Added two new preconfigured roles to be used in this module: management to allow to stop / start backend, and monitoring to allow to read information about system and farms

[rbac] Fix aliases are shown in the backends table even when user doesn’t have permissions to view this information
[alias] Fix aliases can be modified without permissions
[certificates] Fix search and upload actions break the SSL certificates table if some certificate has a CN field empty

Zevenet 5.2.1 (Enterprise Edition)

20 June, 2018

New features:
[rbac] Roles templates added

[syslog] Log the error output when a command fails
[rbac] Allow more characters for RBAC: users, groups and roles
[rbac] Add RBAC information to supportsave

[farmguardian] Fix typo in farmguardian templates
[farmguardian] Migrate farmguardian of farms to new farmguardian check
[zenbui] Fix Zenbui symbolic link
[farms] The parameter “Log” in l4xnat farm returns blank sometimes
[rbac] Creating system user and system group needed for RBAC
[notifications] Notifications is enabled by default
[farmguardian] Run farmguardian in zevenet start process

Zevenet 5.2 (Enterprise Edition)

12 June, 2018

New features:
[farms] Option to enable traffic logs for LSLB, DSLB, GSLB and the connection tracking
[farms] Support of aliases for backends
[networking] Support for aliases per NIC, bonding, VLANs and virtual interfaces.
[system] Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to define new users, groups and permissions to actions in the system
[api] API 3.2 to manage all the new features
[net] IPv6 Support for NICs, VLANs, Virtual Interfaces, Bonding and routing
[farms] IPv6 Support for HTTP and L4xNAT farms

[guardian] Improve of usability with several built-in health checks
[farms] More descriptive error messages for HTTP/S farms
[farms] Configurable redirect code for HTTP/S farms
[farms] Backend servers disabled if redirect is used for HTTP/S farms
[farms] Configurable Strict Transport Security header by service in HTTP/S farms
[farms] Improve of session table stats for LSLB farms
[system] Improve of message logs to syslog
[networking] Validation of network configurations
[networking] Automated virtual services configuration when modifying the network configuration
[networking] Real time networking packets/throughput stats per second

Zevenet 5.1.11 (Enterprise Edition)

24 May, 2018

[cluster] When cluster switches to BACKUP, the system never come back to MASTER

Zevenet 5.1.10 (Enterprise Edition)

16 May, 2018

[farms] It is not possible to create http(s) services after moving some service

Zevenet 5.1.9 (Enterprise Edition)

10 May, 2018

[ipds] included more parameters to check before starting a IPDS
[ssl] better input validation in CSR for organization and locality fields

[networking] solved issue stopping and starting bonding interfaces
[networking] ensure that bonding interfaces have a defined IP address before starting
[stats] fix established connections when the farm is not in UP status
[api] fix activation certificate status response
[farmguardian] update farmguardian statuses after a cluster switch
[farms] fix VIP verification after starting a farm


Zevenet 5.1.8 (Enterprise Edition)

3 May, 2018

[webgui] load HTTP profile parameters faster

[farms] fix concurrent changes in HTTP(S) configuration files

Zevenet 5.1.7 (Enterprise Edition)

23 April, 2018

[webgui] changed datetime format to allow ordering in table views
[farms] http(s) farm is marked in status UP when only a redirect is configured
[system] better and faster information gathering for supportsaves

[farms] solved issue modifying datalink farm names
[network] solved issue modifying floating IPs
[system] solved DNS section parsing configuration file content
[farms] solved issue re-ordering services in http farms
[ipds] blacklist rules were not properly configured in GSLB farms
[farms] solved issue creating a l4 farm, API responds a 400 code instead of 200
[ssl] solved issue parsing “Issuer” field in certificates
[farms] parameter 100continue is not properly modified in http(s) farms

Zevenet 5.1.6 (Enterprise Edition)

8 March, 2018

[net] Run virtual interfaces in start process

Zevenet 5.1.5 (Enterprise Edition)

1 March, 2018

[farms] Error detected when l4xnat farm parameters are listed

Zevenet 5.1.4 (Enterprise Edition)

21 February, 2018

[gui] Faster loading of LSLB farms list
[gui] Faster loading of http[s] farms services
[sys] Better logs description for http proxy

[net] Configure network if the certificate is temporary or doesn’t exist
[sys] Avoid to backup corrupt configuration files

Zevenet 5.0 (Community Edition)

12 February, 2018

New features:
[gui] A new web GUI frontend in Angular
[api] New API JSON+REST capabilities for processes automation
[networking] New networking section for a better management and configuration of interfaces
[farms] New LSLB module (Local Service Load Balancer) which manages both L4xNAT and HTTP/S profiles
[farms] Two different maintenance modes (cut and drain) for HTTP[S] and L4xNAT profiles
[farms] Improved HTTPS profile with new options to Enable / Disable SSL/TLS protocols
[farms] Max number of connections by backend server in L4xNAT profile
[farms] New DSLB module (Datalink Service Load Balancing) which manages uplinks and inbound LB
[farms] New farms status (UP, DOWN, Critical and Problem)
[farms] New backends Status (UP, DOWN, Maintenance and Undefined)

[sys] Faster response based on REST API
[gui] Improved look and UX
[sys] Enhanced logs management
[support] Support save options for better troubleshooting and support
[sys] Linux Kernel based in a common Debian Stretch
[sys] Easier upgrade by modules and transitions to Enterprise
[sys] Improved the backup and recovery procedure

Zevenet 5.1.3 (Enterprise Edition)

1 February, 2018

[farms] Issue solved enabling / disabling HTTPS backends checkbox
[farms] Solved segmentation fault in HTTP farms with session replication daemon ssyncd and cookie insertion
[system] Checks if an IP exists in any interface

Zevenet 5.1.2 (Enterprise Edition)

22 December, 2017

[webgui] Not allowed to enter weight values higher than 9 for l4xnat profiles
[farmguardian] Some farmguardian health checks were not stopped properly
[cluster] Zeninotify was not started after a cluster switch

Zevenet 5.1.1 (Enterprise Edition)

22 November, 2017

[system] New backup procedure to save the configuration
[system] Set a default SSL certificate for web GUI and API to 2048bits
[api] Added HTTP Headers for API calls to avoid content cache in browsers
[farms] Configurable redirect HTTP codes
[farms] Speed optimization to load SSL SNI certificates list
[gui] Activation certificates expiration notifier

[cluster] Leave maintenance mode properly in 3000 and 4000 series
[ipds] Solved some bugs related to RBL rules assignment to farms
[gui] Allowed searches in CN column for Certificates Lists

Zevenet 5.1 (Enterprise Edition)

1 November, 2017

New features:
[farms] SSL hardware offloading support for HTTPS farms
[farms] new status for VIPs and backends in farm profiles
[farms] new maintenance status (drained and cut)
[cluster] real time sessions table replication for all layers
[ipds] new system rules for threats protection
[ipds] new rule RBL (real time black-hole list)
[system] logs line reader through web GUI

[farms] option to enable or disable different SSL protocols
[farms] reload datalink farms
[farms] better log description in HTTP profiles
[api] API v3.1 better performance and resource usage
[gui] improved the rules assignment to farms and web views
[notifications] encrypt email password to enhance security
[system] ssh and web services automatic reload
[gui] enable web GUI compression
[net] show virtual interface name in Floating IPs section
[ipds] enable or disable security rules for a farm

Zevenet 5.0.11 (Enterprise Edition)

30 October, 2017

[cluster] Maintenance mode not working in the backup node
[farms] Improved regular expression patterns for http stats when the service include certain private words
[farms] l4xnat profile is not configuring lb rules properly for the first l4xnat farm

Zevenet 5.0.10 (Enterprise Edition)

25 September, 2017

[lslb] Farmguardian was not disabled in Backup node

[networking] VLAN was not started after to configure if NIC was not configured
[lslb] Allowed to add many ssl certificates without breaking the config file
[ipds] Some Dos rules were not applied to http farms
[lslb] Added support to concurrency in netfilter rules for rules modification
[networking] Route rules are not applied until Link is detected in UP mode
[networking] Fixed null response detecting a parent interface of a virtual interface
[lslb] Apply connmark rules before farm rules when farm starts

Zevenet 5.0.9 (Enterprise Edition)

2 August, 2017

[ipds] IPDS rule was unset for the farms if the rule was renamed
[gui] Changed the error message when the activation certificate is wrong
[gslb] Not allowed two services with the same ID anymore
[ipds] Disabled blacklists rule from system when Zevenet process stops
[lslb] Change to least conns in l4xnat profile returned an error
[cluster] Zeninotify is not stopped when cluster node is in maintenance
[cluster] ARP responses were not disabled when cluster is in maintenance
[gslb] Sync a GSLB config directory to BACKUP node in creation time
[ipds] Not allow to create IPDS rules with the reserved name ‘rule’
[farms] Set and unset wildcard certificates in HTTPS farms
[ipds] SSH brute force rule were loaded twice in system at Zevenet first start
[lslb] Allowed DNAT mode for SIP protocol in l4xnat profiles
[net] Default GW was deleted for table main if GW for local table was deleted

[system] Stats Block has been deleted from conntrackd configuration file
[system] make selectable the kind of ARP announcement packets
[ipds] Fit the maximum number of sources for a blacklist
[cluster] Added a cluster exception to IPDS module in order to avoid to block cluster IPs

Zevenet 4.0.4 (Community Edition)

12 June, 2017

[users] Password change failed if some special characters are used in the password string
[farms] Solved compilation errors with SIP configuration in L4xNAT farms
[farms] Deleted connection tracking for UDP protocol if backend is configured in maintenance mode

[gui] New section “About” > “Zevenet LB Version” in menu
[iso] New Zevenet CE ISO 4.0.4 generated in sourceforge
[apt] New Zevenet CE package 4.0.4 generated in repository

Zevenet 5.0.8 (Enterprise Edition)

29 May, 2017

[farms] solved issue in GSLB farms, allowed RData values in MX inputs
[farms]Updated farmguardian port checks in gslb farm when default tcp port health check is changed
[certificates] Fixed parse issue for certificate information

Zevenet 4.0.3 (Community Edition)

26 May, 2017

[farms] Reset connexion tracking for udp in L4xNAT farms

Zevenet 5.0.7 (Enterprise Edition)

24 May, 2017

[farms] Allow modifying values for cookie insertion once this option is enabled
[cluster] Conntrackd 1.4 or higher integrated with systemd
[sys] Added expect package as dependency
[sys] Configuration directory is replicated recursively

Zevenet 5.0.6 (Enterprise Edition)

19 May, 2017

New features:
[farms] Added max conns limit per backend server in l4xnat profiles

[farms] migration process from tcp to l4xnat profiles bugfix
[farms] flush udp flows from conntrack table bugfix
[farmguardian] farmguardian should not be executed if the farm is down
[ipds] ssh brute force protection port is shown in the web gui
[farmguardian] farmguardian file status for http profiles bugfix
[snmp] snmp doesn’t start automatically after a reboot
[ipds] delete standard error and output error in the startup blacklist process

Zevenet 5.0.5 (Enterprise Edition)

11 May, 2017

[system] Applied some tuned kernel parameters from systemctl
[farms] Traffic between VIP and backends is forwarded locally instead of sending to gateway
[farmguardian] Improved farmguardian output messages.

Zevenet 5.0.4 (Enterprise Edition)

4 May, 2017

[sys] Increased information captured in supportsave
[sys] Do not log more bonding warning messages

[gui] Fix minor bugs related with stats view
[gui] List all used ssl certificates in a running HTTPS farms
[gui] List all available interfaces when edit / create a farm
[farms] Modified logs related to farmguardian when an error is detected
[farms] Least connections algorithm doesn’t detect configured backends
[system] SSH never starts if ssh service is configured in a given IP instead of all IPs
[farms] Kernel modules for sip, ftp or tftp were not loaded properly
[farms] Services Not renamed properly when service name includes farm name string
[farms] Reset UDP packets tracking when any config change is done
[stats] Disabled pending connections information for UDP protocol
[stats] Bugfix in HTTP farms established connections for backends
[farms] Fixed disabling l4xnat IP persistence

Zevenet 5.0.3 (Enterprise Edition)

21 April, 2017

[support] Include system and cluster details for better analysis in supportsave
[gui] Add test notification button for email notification method
[gui] Add update button when editing remote blacklist
[gui] Change update buttons to updating… when clicked

[ipds] Load blacklist when applied to a farm only if the farm is running
[farms] Allow to create several resources with same name in GSLB farms
[cluster] Fix cluster in 3000 series appliances
[gui] Do not require password in email notification method
[gui] Do not allow setting a port in L4xNAT farms when balancing all protocols
[gui] Notify after updating when the port or IP address has been changed
[gui] Fix URL when the GUI HTTP port is changed
[gui] Fix error message on some request failures
[gui] Some GUI style fixes

Zevenet 5.0.2 (Enterprise Edition)

31 March, 2017

[gui] Messages when there is login error
[gui] Info button in dashboard
[gui] Change icon and tooltip for unset farm in ipds rules
[sys] Remove deprecated configuration script

Bug fixes:
[farms] Fix L4xNAT pending and established stats
[sys] Add to supportsave arp filtering, node status and L4xNAT persistence
[sys] Fix configuration of management interface in zenbui
[networking] Use routing rules per subnet instead of per ip
[gui] Refresh button in stats
[gui] Responsive in stats tables
[gui] Update cluster status after a logout or expired session
[gui] Close selection form when kept open and the view is changed
[gui] System stats responsive
[gui] HTTP Redirect regular expression
[gui] Allow to apply DoS rules (IPDS) to any kind of farm profile

Zevenet 5.0.1 (Enterprise Edition)

27 March, 2017

Bug fixes:
[ipds] Remove blacklist from memory when no running farm is using it
[api] Fix ciphers information inHTTPS farms
[cluster] Handle password safely configuring the cluster in case there are symbols
[ipds] Fix remote blacklists setup on cluster backup node
[networking] Allow hypens in network interface names
[gui] Fix HTTP Redirect regular expression
[gui] Fix space for period unit field in remote blacklists
[gui] Fix selecting all backups
[gui] Fix HTTP Redirect regular expression
[installer] Include dependencies when upgrading from Zen 4.2

Zevenet 5.0 (Enterprise Edition)

20 March, 2017

New features:
[api] New API v3 version, entire system can be managed by API Rest+JSON.
[gui] New Web GUI in Angular2 100% responsive.
[security] New security module v1 called Internet prevention and detection service or IPDS with blacklists and DDoS prevention.

[gui] Local service load balancing module or LSLB now manages http, https and l4xnat profiles.
[gui] Global service load balancing module or GSLB now manages gslb profiles.
[gui] Datalink service load balancing module or DSLB now manages datalink profiles.
[doc] Updated documentation for zevenet v5.
[sys] Floating IPs, VIPs can be assigned to interfaces.
[cluster] Stateful cluster for l4xnat profiles.

Zevenet 4.3.1 (Enterprise Edition)

21 February, 2017

[gui] Certificates were not properly managed in SNI list for https farms
[gui] Password is not a mandatory field in Sender notifications by email
[gui] Solved minor bug in Help module

Bug fixes:
[farms] Certificates were not properly managed in SNI list for https farms

Zevenet v4.0 (Community Edition)

3 February, 2017
[sys] Operating system and packages updated to Debian 8.7
[sys] Mini_httpd web server changed for Cherokee web server

Bug fixes
[sys] Backup download files bug has been fixed
[gui] Web GUI has been re-branded from zen to Zevenet

Zevenet 4.3.0 (Enterprise Edition)

29 January, 2017

[gui] Re-branded from zen to zevenet
[sys] Renamed system packages from zen to zevenet

Zen Load Balancer v4.2.5 (Enterprise Edition)

3 January, 2017

Bug fixes:
[farms] Solved issue showing Established Conns in HTTP farms in API v2 and v2.1.
[net] Bonding interfaces don’t start after a reboot.

Zen Load Balancer v4.2.4 (Enterprise Edition)

28 November, 2016

Bug fixes:
[farms] Not allowed to modify any value if farm is up.

Zen Load Balancer v4.2.3 (Enterprise Edition)

14 November, 2016

[farms] Reduce UDP conntrack timeout and increase UDP memory.

Bug fixes:
[net] Route tables were not loaded at boot time.
[gui] Disable the possibility of farm renaming in WebGUI when they are up and running.

Zen Load Balancer v4.2.2 (Enterprise Edition)

24 October, 2016

[notifications] Notification module sends mails without authentication in smtp server.

Bug fixes:
[notifications] Notification module configuration is preserved during update.
[farms] Solved bug with L4xnat Persistence session.
[cluster] Some network interfaces weren’t stopping in cluster switching.
[farmguardian] Solved advanced health checks compatibility between zen 3100 and zen 4100.
[net] Solved issue with link interface status (UNKNOWN) for driver vmxnet3 (Vmware).
[notifications] Modified some regular expressions in the Notifications module and l4xnat profile.
[cluster] Forced network advertisement once startlocal concludes.

Zen Load Balancer v4.2.1 (Enterprise Edition)

22 September, 2016

[notifications] Notification module sends mails without authentication in smtp server.

Bug fixes:
[cluster] Solved issue listing all virtual interfaces in zen advertisement event.

Zen Load Balancer v4.2 (Enterprise Edition)

21 September, 2016

New features:
[sys] SNMPD is supported.
[sys] Bonding. Supported 7 different types, LACP included.
[farms] New DNS records can be created, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV, PTR, NAPTR.
[farms] FarmGuardian configuration for GSLB profiles.
[sys] Notifications: System alerts through email when a backend server goes DOWN / UP
[sys] Notifications: System alerts through email when cluster service switches.

[farms] HTTP and HTTPS Statistics, Stats are generated in base of the Service that manages the request in place of the Virtual IP.
[farms] HTTP and HTTPS services order can be changed, useful for users that use Zen HTTP profiles as reverse proxy.
[sys] All services integrate logs with syslog.
[farms] Added more checks for FarmGuardian: native checks for oracle, mysql, dns, postgresql, ftp, radius and more.

Bug fixes:
[sys] Minor bugfix in input form parameters and regular expressions.
[farmguardian] FarmGuardian icon is shown in conns stats when farmguardian disables backend for HTTP and HTTPS profiles.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.13 (Enterprise Edition)

26 August, 2016

Bug fixes:
[farms] Disabled flood messages when session is created / updated in HTTP farms.
[cluster] Stop virtual interfaces configured in the same interface that cluster runs.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.12 (Enterprise Edition)

5 August, 2016

Bug fixes:
[farms] Fix HTTP profile during migration to 402.
[farms] HTTP binary profile compilation for GLIBC 2.13 instead of 2.14.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.11 (Enterprise Edition)

14 July, 2016

Bug fixes:
[cluster]Issue sending gratuitous arp packets just after a cluster switching.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.10 (Enterprise Edition)

11 July, 2016

Bug fixes:
[cluster] Fix random cluster flapping.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.9 (Enterprise Edition)

26 June, 2016

New features:
[sys] Plugins system.
[sys] Help plugin.

[sys] HTTP profile memory efficient dynamic thread model.

Bug fixes:
[sys] Several graph fixes and improvements.
[api] ZAPI v2 GSLB backend removal.
[sys] Fix management interface in zenbui.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.8 (Enterprise Edition)

9 June, 2016

Bug fixes:
[sys] Fix interfaces configuration with same ip.
[sys] Fix cgi handling for web and zapi interfaces.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.7 (Enterprise Edition)

5 May, 2016

Bug fixes:
[farms] Fix L4xNAT connmark rules.
[farms] Start farm at the end of L4xNAT farm creation process.
[farms] Improved multiport definition detection.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.6 (Enterprise Edition)

1 April, 2016

Bug fixes:
[sys] Error control when a new Virtual Network Interface or Vlan is created.
[sys] Error control when we set up or down a Virtual Network Interface or Vlan.
[farms] Enable session status table for HTTP Conn Stats.
[farms] Configure Disable SSLv3 in https farms.
[cluster] Cluster configuration when a backup failover is reboot.

Zen Load Balancer v3.10 (Community Edition)

29 March, 2016

New features:
[sys] New Kernel Updated to 3.16 (Debian Jessie Base)
[sys] Debian packages consolidation
[farms] Allow to edit farms with stopped status

[farms] TCP profile deleted, L4xNAT should be used instead
[farms] GSLB Profile deleted
[sys] L7 profile for HTTP[S] core updated with distro package
[sys] Openssl Library updated with distro package
[sys] Cluster service updated with distro package
[sys] Web GUI service updated with distro package
[sys] Added and updated libexec scripts
[sys] Include disks information through snmp

Bug fixes:
[farms] Minor bugs fixing related to HTTP farms services
[farmguardian] Fix persistence sessions losing L4xNAT after deactivating a backend
[farms] Fixed online weight calculation L4xNAT farms
[net] Minor bugs fixed in section Conns Stats
[gui] Fix special characters issue with root/admin password

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.5 (Enterprise Edition)

16 March, 2016

[farmguardian] FarmGuardian’s memory resource usage is reduced.

Bug fixes:
[cluster] Cluster global checks for zen latency and zen inotify.
[farms] Migration script for HTTP and HTTPS profiles (Disable SSLv3, Backend Cookie, dyn scale and others directives).
[sys] Allowed reserved characters “$” for root password in webgui.
[api] ZAPI input control error for virtual network interfaces and reject to configure a duplicated IP.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.4 (Enterprise Edition)

4 March, 2016

Bug fixes:
[farms] IP persistence in L4xNAT regression bug.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.2 (Enterprise Edition)

17 February, 2016

[sys] Include package list and system statistics for better analysis.

Bug fixes:
[farms] Fix L4 backend marks.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.3 (Enterprise Edition)

17 February, 2016

Bug fixes:
[farms] Set save parameters for L4xNAT profile with persistence in ZLB 3000 series.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1.1 (Enterprise Edition)

2 February, 2016

[farmguardian] Compact logs in Farmguardian.

Bug fixes:
[farms] Improved maximum number of threads.
[farmguardian] Farmguardian memory leak.
[farmguardian] Farmguardian start in farms L4xNAT.
[farmguardian] Farmguardian failure with HTTP farms.

Zen Load Balancer v4.1 (Enterprise Edition)

28 January, 2016

New features:
[farms] Maintenance mode for L4xNAT backends.
[farms] Deprecated TCP / UDP profile.
[gui] Enable modify farms in stopped mode.
[api] New ZAPI version v2.
[api] Monitoring farms through API.

[gui] Farms global parameters reorganization.
[gui] Configuration forms usage improvement.
[net] Improved the global stats calculation.
[gui] Reduced navigation urls in webgui.
[farms] Modify l4xnat’s farm parameters on the fly.
[farms] L4 farms performance improvement.
[gui] Improved responsive web inteface.

Bug fixes:
[all] Source code refactoring.
[all] Minor bug fixing.

Zen Load Balancer v4.0 (Enterprise Edition)

16 June, 2015

[farms] HTTP/S farms core update
[gui] New web GUI with responsive support
[system] Improved graphic first menu setup
[gui] Improved CGI execution access protection

Bug fixes:
[gui] web GUI interface reset after upgrade
[farmguardian] L4xNAT farmguardian bugfix changing backend states
[farms] L4xNAT scheduler bugfixes

New features:
[gui] RESTful API
[system] New web GUI server
[gui] System users management integrated in the web GUI and Zen API

Zen Load Balancer v3.08 (Enterprise Edition)

24 March, 2015

[networking] UDP and TCP timeout stream optimization

Bug fixes:
[farms] Solved issue with connection stats
[farms] Not allowed to rename a farm with an empty value
[farms] Preserve .htpasswd after upgrading
[farms] GSLB several bugfixes
[farms] Disable SSLv3 for Poodle in HTTPS farms
[farms] Load conntrack modules after upgrade

Zen Load Balancer v3.06 (Enterprise Edition)

17 February, 2015

New Features:
[farms] New Least Response HTTP algorithm
[farms] New SNI multiple certificates handler for HTTPS farms
[farms] SAN certificates added support. Disable exit error when CN is not present.
[farms] New xHTTP PATCH verb support for HTTP farms
[farms] L4 SIP improvements, FTP and TFTP support. Least Connections algorithm.

[farms] Enable DNAT option for SIP protocols
[cluster] Clustering gratuitous ping support
[farms] Pound patches until 1 Nov 2014
[net] Static routes improvement
[farms] Several SIP farms support in different ports
[farms] Updated GSLB farm

[farms] SIP connections are not being shown in the web GUI
[farms] SSLv3 vulnerability POODLE patch
[farms] CRIME attack vulnerability patch
[farms] Validate service name within HTTP farms without no valid characters
[gui] Networking extension functions ending file bug
[gui] Problem syncing the root password through the web GUI
[farms] Rename RRD files to the new farm name
[farms] Delete old farms graphs
[sys] Dependency order for SSH and zenloadbalancer services
[cluster] Startup cluster service bugfix

Zen Load Balancer v3.05 (Community Edition)

26 August, 2014

New Features:
[farms] L4 SIP load balancing support
[farms] Simple GSLB load balancing support
[ssl] Granted CA SSL Certificates automatic generation
[gui] Dynamic news platform support

[gui] HTTP farm client request timeout with unit “seconds”
[gui] Refreshing timeout for farms status view
[cluster] Improved RSA synchronization
[gui] Advise message regarding no cluster configuration found
[gui] return back button to All Farms in farm edition panel

[farms] Datalink farm wrong info in farms table
[farms] FG backend status file mutex implementation
[gui] date-time wrong formatted fix
[farms] Modification of Priority and Timeout parameters could cause a inconsistency in the HTTP/S farms configuration file
[farms] Farmguardian error in TCP farms, the backends are not remaining down while FG is checking them.

Zen Load Balancer v3.04 (Enterprise Edition)

5 April, 2014

[cluster] Cluster service avoid hardcoded vhid and deadratio parameters
[installation] Postinstallation script global.conf checking

Bug fixes:
[farmguardian] Farmguardian startup bug fixes
[farmguardian] Fix FarmGuardian execution for L4 farms
[farms] Datalink infinite loop getDevData() showing farm info
[farms] Manage HTTP/S farms connection bug due to wrong lb core child pid
[farms] L4 persistency multiprotocol command fix
[farms] Set priority value for L4 by default
[farmguardian] Farmguardian startup status fixed
[farms] Farms name hyphens filtering fixed
[farmguardian] FarmGuardian up status for the backends before stopping the FG service
[farms] L4 netstat connections
[farms] HTTP/S farm redirect fix when a redirect name is used
[logs] Regression: delete debug messages
[farms] Backend states on HTTP/HTTPS farms become inconsistent when the service doesn’t exist in the configuration file (the farm restart has not been performed). Service ID will be null
[farms] New backends are not included in the backend status file
[farms] Setting L4 TTL field is not applied by default. An automatic restart is needed
[farms] DateTime errors in the log files. The DateTime has been changed to system ‘date’ command
[farms] Force drain sessions automatically when a backend is detected as down
[farms] L4 farms connections accounting are not showing properly in the status panel
[config] Delete generated global.conf, it could be rewritten an already configured load balancer by the default one
[installation] Include interactive mode post-installation and error solved
[installation] Delete config files at installation time
[gui] Shell error solved getting ZLB version
[farmguardian] Farmguardian defunct processes and tcp/udp farm malfunction
[farms] TCP and UDP with pen LB, the backend never comes alive from FGdown. These kind of farms doesn’t need to detect the state change for a backend, as they need to refresh always the blacklisted timeout

Zen Load Balancer v3.03

18 October, 2013

New Features:
[farms] HTTPS Backends. The load balancer can manage https connections to backends, ssl offload can be disabled.
[farms] HTTP timeouts. Added new timeout fields for managing time in response and request headers
[farms] L4 agnostic protocol. It can be balanced any kind of protocol, not only UDP or TCP.
[farms] Added priority algorithm for L4 load balancing.
[cluster] Added a new timeout field for managing the response time for switching the service.
[gui] Added a logout button in the web gui.
[system] Run own scripts. Added the possibility for making own scripts that are executed in events: start / stop service, i.e. firewall configuration, sending mails, etc.
[L4 masquerade] the farm connects to backends from the IP in the same subnet that backend.

[farms] HTTP and HTTPS in a farm. Now the HTTPS configuration is a property of HTTP farms, not a different farm.
[farms] TNAT and UNAT in a farm. Now TCP or UDP protocols can be managed in the same L4 farm.
[gui] For saving resources, RRD graphs are created on the fly, not in a cron task.

[gui] Solved bug for syncing web gui user password and root system user password
[farms] L4 CONNECTIONS. Solved issue for showing connections status in L4 farms
[Farmguardian] Solved bug for managing backend checks and backends status.
[farms] Improvement in some HTTP regular expression for VIrtual Host and Redirect fields.

Zen Load Balancer v3.02

22 February, 2013

[farmguardian] Advanced checking system optimization switching backend states
[cluster] Time synchronization improvement

New features:
[farmguardian] Layer 4 advanced checking support
[system] Security improvement

[system] Vulnerabilities fix
[webgui] css iexplorer 9 compliance
[farms] adding l4 backends without weight value

Version 3rc1

16 August, 2012

New Features:

[farms] Layer 4 Includes: several listening ports for a farm, DNAT and NAT load balancing methods
[farmguardian] Advanced Farmguardian support for HTTP and HTTPS
[farms] Virtual host support for HTTP and HTTPS farms


[farms] HTTP/HTTPS farms core balancing upgrade

Version 2rc0

10 April, 2012


[farms] Fix regression max number of available connections for TCP farms
[farms] Check invalid characters for a farm name
[system] Do not reset the GUI password when updating the package
[farms] Bad formatted error message when inserting bad weight value for http and https farms


[networking] Disable TCP recycle
[system] Improvement sysctl options at boot time

Version 2rc3

28 February, 2012


[farms] Custom ciphers form for https farm
[farms] HTTP and HTTPS maintenance mode lose configuration
[cluster] Cluster failover by itself
[cluster] Cluster failover master node returns to backup on equals mode
[system] Configure the default apt sources for v2
[gui] Max length in virtual interface field
[gui] Only allow numeric characters in vlan field
[gui] Change position for Test RSA button
[farms] Max Connections for real servers could produce a farm to close connections


[farms] Setting algorithm for uplink load balancing: weight and priority.
[gui] Sort monitoring graphs.
[gui] Check http(s) farms configuration before stop
[gui] Expand farm name in the top of the Manage Farms panel
[cluster] Maintenance mode for cluster nodes
[cluster] Disable _modify cluster type_ in the backup node
[cluster] Include VHID param in cluster configuration
[gui] Increase farm’s name field size

Version 2rc2

13 February, 2012


[networking] Deleting VLAN interfaces
[networking] Problem configuring VLAN interface over a down physical interface
[gui] No connections appears for status backends when the farm is started over a virtual interface
[cluster] Failover button always failback to the primary node – Change ‘Force failover’ to ‘Test failover’ text button
[farms] Disable rewrite location for HTTP farms
[gui] Fix HTTP/S farm configuration CSS
[gui] SSL certificates uploading from Windows systems shows the full file path
[gui] Treatment of special characters under the farmguardian field
[gui] Shows the default global gateway under the interfaces table when an interface hasn’t a route table
[gui] CPU rrd graph always show the same values
[gui] Incorrect CPU and MEM farms data in Global View


[gui] Don’t show overflowed age clients in the farm status panel
[gui] Improve SSL certificates panel
[cluster] Improve cluster startup
[cluster] Improve SSH connection between nodes
[farms] Keepalive configuration for inactive TCP connections through firewalls

New features:

[farms] Ciphers configuration for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance
[farms] Maintenance button for backends
[gui] Farm connections monitoring graphs
[farms] Uplinks load balancing
[gui] Change GUI port

Version 2rc1

21 November, 2011


Gratuitous ARP for cluster speedup
TCP Kernel tuning to improve throughput


Farm renaming
Improve load balancer algorithm for TCP farms
Profiles support
UDP support
Advanced HTTP/HTTPS support
SSL wrapper
Certificates management for https profiles


Manual force failover
Crossover support


Improving RRD files and graphs for monitoring
State icons on farms and backends
Improving status backends section
Minimize button for views on farm status section
Improving Global View
New certificates manager section for https profiles
Improve CSS look web panel

Version 1rc5

26 September, 2011


When ifup is executed, try to create the interface first
MAC duplication fixed and interface group sort is applied
Fix network interface unlink state
Check UP interface in state
Modified zenloadbalancer script for add more open files permission
Modified zenrrd script to save one year of date
Modified zenrrd task to run every 5 minutes
Regular expression function ifexist
Regular expression function getDefaultGW
Modified zenloadbalancer init script to add fs.file-max
Rewrite $if for down interfaces

New features:

An icon is included when no link is detected in network interfaces
Confirm dialog boxes while deleting configuration

Version 1rc4

1 August, 2011

Fix creation of network rules for every interface
Delete rrd graphs for unavaliable network interfaces
Fix Global Information section of Global view
Improvement of CSS frontend
Implemented suggestion: Add delete network interface icon for physical NICs
Improved configuration process and panel of Cluster section
Implemented suggestion: GUI ip and Cluster ip doesn’t have to be the same
Fix the RSA configuration between cluster nodes
Fix replication service between cluster nodes
Addition of ‘Force sync configuration’ button on the master cluster node
Automatic insertion of apt network repositories
The ZenLB ISO is able to be burned into a USB memory device like a CD
Fix other BUGs detected on lab testing
Fix farmguardian and double quotes on strings for check

Version 1rc3

18 May, 2011

Bugs solved about Delete Real servers on a farm

Version 1rc2

8 April, 2011

Added apt repository for updates
Added APT configuration file on GUI
Added DNS configuration file on GUI
Bugs solved on GUI about HTML standard on form buttons
Added session timeout for connection clients on GUI
Added license section on GUI
Added sync pass with admin user GUI and root user
Bugs solved on GUI entering illegal values on farm configuration
Max connections updated from 507 to 32760 on a farm
Bugs solved about actions buttons on interface section

Version 1rc1

8 March, 2011

A new look for frontend GUI
SSL connection on frontend GUI
Advanced view with progress bar on farms
Cluster Service ACTIVE/PASIVE mode
Automatic replication of Cluster service and Zen service configuration
Advanced networking configuration
Vlan support
Multiples route tables for real and vlan interfaces
ntp sync
Backup configuration. Export/Import
A lot of modifications, bug fixed, improvements and proposals by members of the mailing list

First version 0.2

1 September, 2010

A frontend GUI form manage Zen Load Balancer Appliance
Create a lof of TCP Load Balance
Add virtual interface to Real interface
Zen monitoring appliance over RRD graphics
Modify a lot of farms parameters without stop load balance services
Advanced status view of backend servers and farm