Schoolcraft College (USA)

ZEVENET is working with more than 5000 users balancing between two strategic web applications. In the decision-making other vendors like Cisco were discarded in favour of ZEVENET.

We have been running The ZVA64 Enterprise Edition 4000 Layer-7 Load Balancer for almost 7 months. The product has continued to pay for itself throughout its life cycle. We’re consistently amazed by the power, simplicity and efficiency of this product. We use ZEVENET to Load Balance our two main applications (WebAdvisor & Blackboard) in the College with more than 5000 users.

I wanted to mention that these days, when the opposite of good customer and tech support tends to be the norm, it’s always great having a Team like ZEVENET!

I’d highly recommend The ZVA64 Enterprise Edition 4000 to others.

Shadi - Blackboard Servers Administrator


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